Learn “How To Web3 on BNB Chain” & Take a Short Quiz to Earn Tokens!

Learn “How To Web3 on BNB Chain” & Take a Short Quiz to Earn Tokens!

1 year ago

Learn "How To Web3 on BNB Chain" & take a short quiz to get rewarded for your newfound knowledge!

Learn “How To Web3 on BNB Chain” & Take a Short Quiz to Earn Tokens!


CoinMarketCap users can learn "How To Web3 on BNB Chain" and take a short quiz to get rewarded! The "How To Web3 on BNB Chain" Learn & Earn Campaign’s reward tokens will be distributed randomly among the users who have a KYC-verified Binance account and who complete the quiz successfully before the campaign concludes.

The "How To Web3 on BNB Chain" CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn Campaign's reward pool is $252,000 tokens. And there will be $180,000 of additional rewards on Project Galaxy. Successful users will receive tokens as mentioned in the Prize-Pool Table below and 50 Diamonds as rewards!

How to Get the OAT + $180,000 Additional Token Rewards! - Project Galaxy

Powered by Project Galaxy, users can claim an OAT (On-chain Achievement Token) per lesson after completing the additional homework.

  1. Click on the "Proceed To Additional Homework" button on the quiz page (Don't forget to submit your BEP-20 wallet address at the end of the quiz).
  2. Complete the homework assigned by each project to claim an OAT (On-chain Achievement Token) NFT badge.
  3. OAT holders may be eligible for additional rewards from each participating project (Snapshot will be taken on 10 June, 2022, 02:00 UTC)
If the user meets all the following criteria, they will be eligible to claim the Ultimate “How to Web 3.0” credential OAT badge:
  • Finished all the homework assigned from 9 projects
  • Claimed OATs respectively on Project Galaxy
  • Scored 100% on 27 quizzes on the CoinMarketCap Earn page
The "How To Web3 on BNB Chain" Learn & Earn Campaign will run from 9 May 2022 (08:00 AM UTC) to 7 June 2022 (08:00 AM UTC) . Make sure to take the following lessons to complete the quiz!

CoinMarketCap "How To Web3 on BNB Chain" Learn & Earn Quiz

If you have trouble submitting the quiz, please try again using this dedicated link: https://coinmarketcap.jotform.com/221158472679970
The "How To Web3 on BNB Chain" Learn & Earn Campaign will run from 9 May 2022 (08:00 AM UTC) to 7 June 2022 (08:00 AM UTC) and the Quiz will be live at 08:00 AM UTC, May 9th.

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How To Web3 on BNB Chain Learn & Earn Quiz's Answers

1. Celer cBridge is a protocol that [Hint]
a. Connects blockchains
b. Allows for the transfer of assets between two given chains
c. Has its own blockchain called the SGN that facilitates and secures the bridging process
d. All of the above

* Answer & Explanation:
Celer cBridge does all of these! By connecting different blockchains and allowing the transfer of assets between these chains, we open up more opportunities for people to take advantage of! Plus all of the transfers are secured and facilitated by the State Guardian Network, our own Proof-of-Stake Blockchain.

2. Which is NOT true of Bridge? [Hint]
a. Cross-chain transfers are usually completed in minutes.
b. Each transfer is backed by a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with over 25 validators
c. The transfer fees go directly to the Celer team
d. The transfer fees are given to liquidity providers, validators, and stakers.

* Answer & Explanation: The transfer fees paid to cBridge stay in the ecosystem since they are given directly to the liquidity providers and State Guardian Network validators and stakers. They do not go directly to Celer!

3. How many different blockchains and layer-2 rollups does cBridge support? [Hint]
a. 18
b. 19
c. 20
d. Over 20

* Answer & Explanation:
Currently, cBridge is connected to over 20 different blockchains and layer-2 rollups and supports over 70 different tokens with more chains and tokens being added every week!

4. Which of the following exhibits typical ROOK, BISHOP, QUEEN user characteristics respectively? [Hint]
a. Conservative, Aggressive, Hodler
b. Aggressive, Hodler, Conservative
c. Hodler, Conservative, Casual
d. Aggressive, Conservative, Hodler

* Answer & Explanation:
QUEEN represents direct tracking of Tranchess funds, including BNB, ETH, BTC with CHESS emission - Typical Hodler profile. ROOK represents leverage tracking - More aggressive natured users. BISHOP is a stablecoin-like token catered for more conservative users and preferring to earn high yield without market volatility.

5. What does staking BNB QUEEN token earn in terms of Yield? [Hint]
(i. BNB QUEEN, ii. CHESS emission, iii. Validator rewards)

a. i & ii
b. ii & iii
c. i & iii
d. All of the above

* Answer & Explanation: Tranchess’ BNB fund is symbiotic with Tranchess’s very own BNB validator node. Delegation into Tranchess validator on BNB chain earns validator rewards and like all other Tranchess funds, BNB Fund also enjoys Chess emissions as decided by users' votes on CHESS distribution amongst Tranchess funds of BNB, ETH, BTC.

6. Where is the CHESS token traded? [Hint]
a. Binance / InsurAce
b. Binance / Pancake Swap (ANS)
c. Venus / Pancakes Swap
d. Galaxy / Binance

* Answer & Explanation: Currently, CHESS is traded actively on Binance and Pancake Swap

7. Why is DeFi beneficial for individuals? [Hint]
a. DeFi  offers greater financial transparency
b. DeFi  provides more robust security
c. DeFi  improves transaction speeds
d. DeFi reduces fees
e. All of the above

* Answer & Explanation:
The correct answer is e. (all of the above). DeFi provides individuals with access to all of the benefits listed above due to its decentralized nature and efficient infrastructures.

8. Why is DeFi beneficial for Institutions? [Hint]
a. Increased Yields v.s. Traditional Financial Markets
b. Increased transaction Speeds
c. Access to New and Innovative Financial Instruments that were previously unavailable in traditional finance markets
d. All of the above

* Answer & Explanation:
The correct answer is d. (all of the above). DeFi offers institutional investors the ability to generate higher yields, improves transaction speeds, and provides access to a new and innovative set of financial instruments that do not exist in the traditional markets.

9. What DeFi products are provided by Venus Protocol? [Hint]
a. Lending
b. Borrowing
c. Staking
d. All of the above

* Answer & Explanation: The correct answer is d. (all of the above). Venus Protocol allows users to lend, borrow, and stake tokens on the platform.

10. What are some of the disadvantages of a traditional centralized marketplace? [Hint]
a. Lack of Privacy
b. Users do not have total control of their assets on the platform
c. Trade and offers can be removed anytime if they do not satisfy the platform’s operator
d. All of the above

* Answer & Explanation:
Bitcoin was developed to allow “payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through financial institution.”. Ironically, the “electronic cash” that would be used to purchase goods and services will eventually go through the financial institutions that have a central point of failure (centralized server). They collect users’ privacy information, maintain full control of the marketplace, and usually put their interests before the people.

11. What are the advantages of the Pear Marketplace? [Hint]
a. Users can connect their wallets and trade instantly
b. Pear does not hold users' assets on the platform
c. In the future, all things could be traded on Pear Marketplace
d. All of the above

* Answer & Explanation:
PearDAO is a non-custodial decentralized marketplace, which means all assets does not need to be deposited on PearDAO. Users can use a range of crypto wallets to buy and sell digital assets on the Pear marketplace.  Pear’s long term roadmap is planned to be able to support the trading of all things tradable on the platform.

12. What is PearDAO’s token name and symbol? [Hint]
a. Name: Pear DAO, Symbol: Pear
b. Name: Pear, Symbol: Pear
c. Name: Pear DAO, Symbol: PEX
d. Name: Pear, Symbol: PEX

* Answer & Explanation: PearDAO’s token name is Pear DAO, Symbol: PEX. It was launched on 11 March 2022, token information is available on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/peardao/

13. What are the ways to earn yields with Alpaca Finance? [Hint]
a. Lend, or borrow crypto assets for leveraged yield farming
b. Mint AUSD (Alpaca Stablecoin)
c. Invest in Automated Vaults that run high-yield, low-risk market-neutral strategies
d. All of the above

* Answer & Explanation: The correct answer is d. The video recap and deep dive on Alpaca go over all these products. Guides on investment strategies with these products can also be found in Alpaca’s docs.

14. Which of the following is true about leveraged yield farming with Alpaca Finance? [Hint]
a. You can multiply your APYs up to 6x through leverage
b. Your funds are controlled by the Alpaca Platform
c. There is a lockup time on your assets
d. There is a deposit fee when opening a position

* Answer & Explanation: The correct answer is a. You have custody of your own funds, and Alpaca cannot move them, so b is incorrect. There is no lockup time or deposit fee on any of Alpaca’s DeFi products so c and d are incorrect.

15. Which of the following is true about Alpaca’s market-neutral Automated Vault? [Hint]
a. The vault minimizes your risk while still earning you high yields
b. It runs market-neutral strategies which are profitable in all market conditions
c. It earns passive income for you so you don’t have to actively manage your position
d. All of the above

* Answer & Explanation:
The correct answer is d. The video recap and deep dive on Alpaca go over all these aspects of Automated Vaults, and more info can be found here.

16. How do you start to build your own Metaverse world in SecondLive? [Hint]
a. By creating a land
b. By creating a space

* Answer & Explanation:
SecondLive believes that the Metaverse world will be more diversified. It consists of numerous small worlds instead of a big one. Compared with land, space is more extensible and interoperable.

17. Which one is NOT SecondLive NFT? [Hint]
a. Island Space
b. Blue Apartment
c. Pink Apartment
d. Avatar NFT

18. What is the total  $LIVE rewards in SecondLive’s weekly staking pool? [Hint]

a. 10,000 $LIVE
b. 30,000 $LIVE
c. 50,000 $LIVE
d. 100,000 $LIVE
19. Which one is not an important characteristic of a great crypto game? [Hint]
a. Game with great potential of user base
b. Game with strong IPs
c. Game with sustainable tokenomics
d. Game with AR/VR technology

* Answer & Explanation:
A, B, C are mentioned in the body contents article. D is not mentioned. A great crypto game does not need to be based on AR/VR technology.

20. What is/are the token name(s) of TopGoal? [Hint]
a. TMT and GOAL
b. TMT
c. DAO

* Answer & Explanation: In the current tokenomics design of TopGoal ecosystem, we have two tokens. One is the DAO token GOAL and GameFi utility token TMT.

21. Who are not the target audience of TopGoal? [Hint]

a. football fans
b. crypto game enthusiasts
c. Console game players
d. all of the above
* Answer & Explanation: TopGoal is a great crypto game for people from different areas. It not only attracts crypto game enthusiasts but also football fans who love this sport and are willing to explore the crypto world. It is not a hardcore game with high threshold targeting at hardcore game players such as console game players.

22. What is the difference between an NFT and a non-NFT hero? [Hint]
a. Non-NFT heroes cannot be traded on Thetan Arena’s marketplace
b. Non-NFT heroes cannot join Thetan’s Special Events
c. Non-NFT heroes cannot earn from battles.
d. All of the above
* Answer & Explanation: Only NFT hero can be rented out or sold on the MKP, be used to join Special Events to earn gTHG, and get daily gTHC battle reward

23. What can players do on Thetan Arena’s marketplace? [Hint]
a. Buy box, buy hero
b. Rent hero, lend hero
c. Both are incorrect
d. Both are correct
* Answer & Explanation: On the marketplace, you can buy boxes and NFT heroes, rent NFT  heroes as well as rent out your NFT heroes.

24. Is Thetan Arena free to play? [Hint]
a. Yes, you can play for free as long as you want
b. Yes, it is free to play for a limited time
c. No, you have to invest a certain amount of money
d. Both b and c are correct
* Answer & Explanation: You can play for free as long as you want with the 3 heroes the game gives you in the beginning.

25. In Galler, what is the name given for the priority mint of an NFT collection? [Hint]
a. Launchpad
b. Floor Price
c. Whitelisting
* Answer & Explanation: Whitelisting is the name given to the process of becoming eligible to mint NFTs (Web 3 crypto tokens) prior to its public minting (open sale).

26. According to Galler's tips, what are the "3 Main Metrics" you should analyze when it comes to NFT on-chain data? [Hint]
a. Mint Price, Social Followers & Volume
b. Holders, Supply & Volume
c. Whitelisting Spots, Supply & Roadmap
d. Floor Price, Holders & Social Followers
* Answer & Explanation: Holders, Supply & Volume are the 3 main on-chain indicators described as potential signs for a trending collection.

27. What is the unique feature Galler has that helps users bid for the whole collection at once? [Hint]
a. Fiat Payment
b. Order Book
NFT Lending
d. MaaS (Marketplace as a Service)
* Answer & Explanation: Order Book is a Galler feature that enables any collector to bid for an entire NFT (Web 3 crypto token) collection at once. By doing that any holder of that collection can accept the offer, saving buyer gas fees.

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