What Is Somnium Space?
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What Is Somnium Space?

8 months ago

A deep dive in Somnium Space, a ready-to-play VR metaverse available on Steam that offers a live-forever mode to its users.

What Is Somnium Space?



  • Somnium Space is a virtual reality metaverse offering metaverse functionalities where players can buy land, have avatars, build objects and earn money.
  • It is accessible on PCs, mobile devices, and major VR headsets such as Oculus Quest. It serves as a platform for creativity, innovation, and social interaction.
  • Somnium Space's economy is based on CUBEs, which players can use to purchase land, items and services or earn by creating and selling content or hosting events.
  • Somnium Builder allows users to create unique experiences using their own 3D models and scripts.

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What Is Somnium Space Metaverse?

Somnium Space is a virtual reality metaverse with classic metaverse functionality. Players can buy land, have an avatar, build new objects and earn money while doing that. The game is accessible from any device, whether you want to use a PC or a VR headset. Players can chat, build and trade with other users via a classic PC or enjoy an immersive VR experience on mobile devices. Somnium Space supports all major VR headsets, including Oculus Quest.
Somnium CUBE are the economic foundation of the Somnium metaverse. You can use CUBEs to buy land parcels, items, avatars and services in the metaverse. You can also earn CUBEs by creating and selling your own content, hosting events, advertising your space or offering services to other users.

Somnium Space aims to be more than a game. It positions itself as a platform for creativity and innovation. You can build anything you envision on your land parcel using the Somnium Builder tool or importing your own 3D models. You can also program your own experience using scripts and monetize it through the Somnium Store or on your property.

Moreover, Somnium Space is a social hub that allows its users to meet friends, join communities, attend concerts, play games and explore its metaverse.

Who is Behind the Somnium Metaverse?

Somnium Space is a project that was founded and is led by Artur Sychov, an entrepreneur and VR enthusiast. Artur has a background in finance and gaming, and he launched Somnium Space in 2017 with the goal of creating an open, social and persistent VR world powered by blockchain.

Artur is supported by a team of developers based in the Czech Republic, who work on developing and improving the Somnium Space platform. The team has expertise in various fields, such as VR, blockchain, 3D modeling, scripting and UI design.

Somnium Space also has a vibrant and growing community of users, creators, investors and partners who contribute to the development and success of the metaverse. Some of the community members include:


These are users who own land parcels in Somnium Space, which they can customize, build on and monetize. Landowners can also participate in governance decisions and benefit from the appreciation of their land value.

Content Creators

These are users who create and sell digital assets, such as items, avatars, games and experiences, in Somnium Space. Content creators can use the Somnium Builder tool or import their own 3D models and NFTs. They can also earn CUBEs or other cryptocurrencies by selling their content on the Somnium Store or on other platforms like OpenSea.

Event Hosts

These are users who organize and host events in Somnium Space, such as concerts, parties, workshops, meetups and more. Event hosts can attract visitors to their land parcels, offer entertainment and education, and earn CUBEs or other rewards by charging fees or selling tickets.


These users invest in Somnium Space by buying CUBEs, land parcels or other digital assets. Investors can support the growth and development of the metaverse. They also profit from the increasing demand and value of their holdings.


These are companies and projects that collaborate with Somnium Space to improve content and experiences in the metaverse. Some of the partners include Sony, High Fidelity, JanusVR, Admix, OpenSea and Gemini. Partners can leverage the potential of Somnium Space to reach new audiences, showcase their products and services, and innovate in VR.

What Makes the Somnium Metaverse Unique?

Somnium Space offers a variety of features and benefits to its users. Some of the things that make Somnium Space stand out are:

Software Development Kits (SDK)

These help you create and customize digital land, properties and avatars. You can use the SDK to import your own NFTs or create new ones.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Somnium Space offers a complete builder module that helps you create digital environments and structures for playing the game. You can also use the VR mode to explore the world in a realistic way.

NFT Marketplace

This helps you trade and monetize digital properties you or other users create. You can buy and sell land parcels, items, avatars and services using CUBEs or other cryptocurrencies.

Live Forever

Somnium Space offers an automatic recording mode. This feature enables players to record themselves on their own property for future AI analysis.

Blockchain Integration

Somnium Space uses Ethereum for its virtual assets. It also uses Polygon as a second-layer solution to bring speed and low transaction costs to its users.

How To Join the Somnium Metaverse

If you are ready to join the Somnium Metaverse and experience a world beyond reality, you will need to follow some simple steps to get started. You can join Somnium Space via web browser, PC client or VR headset.

Web Browser

This is the easiest way to enter Somnium Space, as you don't need to download or install anything. You visit the Somnium Space website and replace the number at the end with the land parcel you want to visit. For example, if you want to visit parcel 2782, you type https://somniumspace.com/parcel/2782. You can use any web browser that supports WebGL, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

PC Client

This is the best way to enter Somnium Space to explore the full world and interact with other users. You will need to download and install Steam and create an account. Then download Somnium Space from the official website or from Steam, and create an account. You are ready to go.

VR Headset

This is the most immersive way to enter Somnium Space. You will need a VR headset that supports PC VR mode or Oculus Quest mode. For PC VR mode, follow the same steps as for PC client, but launch the game in VR mode instead of 2D mode. For Oculus Quest mode, sideload the app, which means installing it separately from the official Oculus Store. You can use a tool like SideQuest or App Lab to do this.

Once you have entered Somnium Space, you will be able to create your own avatar, buy land parcels, build objects, use avatars and scripts, monetize your experiences and have fun with other users. You will also need a digital wallet like MetaMask if you want to buy land parcels or other digital assets using CUBEs or other cryptocurrencies.

Somnium Space Tokenomics

Unlike traditional games where the value generated by the players goes to the developers, Somnium Space allows the players to own and monetize their creations and experiences. Here are some of the key aspects of Somnium Space tokenomics:

Somnium Cube (CUBE)

CUBE is an ERC-20 token that is the metaverse’s utility token. CUBE enables the in-game economy and can be used to buy land parcels, items, avatars and services in the metaverse. CUBEs can also be earned by creating and selling content, hosting events, advertising or offering services to other users. 12.5% is allocated as the initial circulating supply and 60% is locked away for in-game rewards. Another 27.5% is allocated towards “development funds.” According to the CEO, the full tokenomics will be released when the first 40% are circulating.

Somnium Land Parcels (PARCELs)

PARCEL is an ERC-721 token representing digital land plots in Somnium Space. PARCELs are scarce and limited in supply, as there are only 5,000 land parcels available in the metaverse.

PARCELs can be bought and sold using CUBEs or other cryptocurrencies on the Somnium Space marketplace or on other platforms, like OpenSea. PARCEL owners can customize, build and monetize their land parcels as they wish.

Somnium Avatars (AVATARs)

AVATAR is an ERC-1155 token representing digital characters or personas in Somnium Space. They can be customized with different features, outfits and accessories. AVATARs can also be bought and sold using CUBEs or other cryptocurrencies on the Somnium Space marketplace or on other platforms like OpenSea. AVATAR owners can use their avatars to interact with other users, explore the metaverse and access different experiences.

Karma Levels

These are non-transferable rewards that reflect the reputation and contribution of users in Somnium Space. Karma Levels are earned by participating in various activities, such as creating content, hosting events, attending events, inviting friends, etc. They can unlock various benefits and perks for users, such as discounts, access to exclusive events, voting rights and more.

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