Tired of Missing Crypto Opportunities? CMC Watchlist Has Your Back

Tired of Missing Crypto Opportunities? CMC Watchlist Has Your Back

1 year ago

A guide to CMC Watchlists that allow you to keep track of your favorite coins using your phone!

Tired of Missing Crypto Opportunities? CMC Watchlist Has Your Back

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[Update: March 28, 2023] CoinMarketCap's mobile watchlist is now available to all users! Previously available only to those with a CMC account, now everyone can use our watchlist to track their favorite crypto assets.  So, what are you waiting for?  Download the CoinMarketCap mobile app on iOS and Android now.
Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could monitor the most popular, volatile, or important coins (for you) - just with a few taps from your phone? If only there was a way for a CoinMarketCap user to do it.
Well, there is actually a way you can do it right now! In fact, the CMC Web Watchlist that our community has come to know and love as an area to manage their portfolio is now available on mobile too.
The following is a full guide on this nifty feature that will solve many problems for you in your crypto journey, and why you absolutely need the CoinMarketCap Mobile App on your phone to capitalize on the market before it dips any further.

Create Watchlists and Optimize Them for Your Personal Goals

CMC Watchlist is an excellent way to keep track of all your favorite coins, tokens, and projects. Gone are the days of manually toggling through multiple web pages or worse, opening numerous tabs at once and draining your laptop's battery life.

Instead, the CMC Watchlist allows you to create your own fully customizable and trackable list, empowering you in several ways:
Firstly, it serves as a centralized area where you can get an overview of the entire market in just a few seconds. It's an invaluable tool that helps you access important information much faster than any Twitter feed and keeps you updated on any drastic overnight changes (we're looking at you, LUNA).

What's more? Your watchlist, whether on your phone or laptop, automatically syncs across both versions once you're signed in - so you're always in control of your list, whether you're on the move or relaxing at home.

If you’re not yet set up with an account, you can sign up for one here.

How To Use CoinMarketCap Watchlist

Now, it’s time to start using the new watchlist! Here is a step-by-step guide to using the CoinMarketCap watchlist.

Step 1: Create Your First Watchlist

You can build your own Watchlist from the Watchlist tab, or you can add coins using the “+” button. Once you click on the add coins button, you can search for your favorite coins from the pop-up and get tracking right away.

You can also add coins from the coin listings page using the star ( ⭐️) at the top-right corner of the coin-detail pages. So, if you’re ever looking into a new coin that catches your eye, you can add it directly to one of your watchlists right from that info page. Convenient!

Step 2: Get Customizing

The best part about CMC Watchlist is the data columns.

These are fully customizable with different data points that you can sort through, such as market cap, price, 1h/24h/1-week % changes, and many more.
Having such an extensive array of different lenses to look through allows you to understand price movements at a deeper level and better compare the pros and cons of certain tokens while making more accurate risk assessments overall.
It also allows for very unique combinations and creations, such as a watchlist focused on the top 10 coins’ market cap with all of the “Price” columns selected in order to specifically focus on micro & macro % changes.
In other words, this is a fantastic place for you to stay on top of the market.

Step 3: Share, Follow, Mix and Match

Here’s the cherry on top of this delicious blockchain-infused cake: Watchlists are shareable!
Not only does this mean that you can follow specific watchlists from your favorite creators or crypto thought-leaders, but you can also share your own to gain a little popularity and give some value back to your community.

More Watchlist Features

In case you STILL haven’t downloaded the CoinMarketCap app (what are you waiting for?) here are a couple more things…
Multiple Watchlists: You can actually create more than one watchlist, which allows you to create various categories you might want to keep track of, such as having one for P2E and another for Defi that you can flip through at will. You can even give each list a unique name and description so they’re all specially made just for you.
Friendly Competition: Keep in mind you can share and follow the watchlists of all of your friends, so if one of your mates is a lot more educated on Metaverse coins and has an awesome watchlist set up — you can follow it!
P.S. There will always need to be one “Main” watchlist amongst your watchlists. This main watchlist will be your default watchlist — when you add coins from the ⭐️s mentioned above, it will only be added to the main watchlist. When you go to the watchlist page, this will be the first watchlist shown to you. By default, the main watchlist is set to be the first one you created; however, you can swap it anytime. You can also duplicate/copy a watchlist, or remove/delete one whenever you like.

If you have an older watchlist, you can either:

  • Merge watchlists: If this option is selected, we will take your local watchlist + account-stored watchlist and merge them into one.
  • Keep your local watchlist: If this option is selected, we will then discard your account watchlist and only keep your local watchlist for your future use.
  • Keep your account watchlist: Same process as above.

Please note that once this decision is made, the data cannot be restored — so please be careful.

Happy Coin Tracking!

Written by Ryan Curry.

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