4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using CMC-Community Now

4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using CMC-Community Now

1 year ago

Wondering how CMC-Community is different from other social media platforms? How it serves the crypto community better? Let us answer these questions!

4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using CMC-Community Now

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Look, we know what you're thinking.

You have read the CoinMarketCap Tutorial to CMC-Community, but you don't want to hear any more about it.

"CMC, I am down bad on my computer coins, and you're trying to get me to use your stupid social platform. Get lost!"

But hear us out.

We both know you won't suddenly stop paying attention to crypto. We both know you'll get your crypto news somewhere and gossip about the latest shitcoin somewhere.
So, why not CMC-Community?

Management told me there are four very good reasons to consider it.

All the Crypto Gossip Conveniently Gathered in One Place

Being the crypto addict that you are, your morning looks something like this:

  1. Open CoinMarketCap and check if you're still down bad (yes, you are).
  2. Open Academy and check the news for bullish reversal (still not coming).
  3. Open all the other crypto news outlets to see if Academy missed something and maybe there's bullish news elsewhere (nope, still not).
  4. Open Crypto Twitter and catch up on the latest crypto gossip (another anon account threatening to doxx everyone).
  5. Check prices on CMC once again (still going down).
  6. Curse your life, and start getting ready for work.
But why not make your life easier and get all the latest news on CMC-Community? For example, you can save yourself the trip to all other news outlets:
You can stop wage-groveling in the real world and find a job in crypto:
You can even gossip about the latest trending memecoin that will save your portfolio!

Do yourself a favor and integrate your unhealthy crypto habit seamlessly into your life with CMC-Community as a one-stop shop for all things crypto.

CMC-Community Won't Ban You (Unlike Twitter and Your Bank)

I admit that CMC-Community cannot replace the absurdity of Crypto Twitter.

But do you know how many times Twitter has banned even seasoned accounts?

Your favorite CT influenza is probably on their second account (if it's a well-meaning anon) or 6+ accounts deep (if it's a shitcoin-shilling moonboy, careful with those).

People have built empires on Twitter and YouTube and seen their audiences rugged for one ill-conceived post on a boozy Saturday evening. That's not the real crypto spirit.

The real crypto spirit is decentralization and censorship resistance. Everything that big tech and central banks are not. That's what you're getting with CMC-Community as a decentralized social media network (kinda, working on the decentralized bit). If I'm not getting censored for this straight-faced post, just imagine what you'll be able to do on CMC-Community.

That is why you will never get something like this:

Cause, after all, we all want to build a better system than fiat and centralized banking. Twitter will not allow us to do that, so we’ll just have our own platform.

Just keep it civil and friendly because you will get banned for all the racist and sexist stuff. Basic community rules and all that.

Shoot for the Moon and Be Seen

If there's one good thing about Crypto Twitter, it's that everyone can post their read on the market.

If there's one bad thing about Crypto Twitter, it's that everyone does post their read on the market.

Crypto Twitter has become too big and too busy. Everyone and their dog is a technical analyst these days, so it's very hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

On CMC-Community, you have a chance to be the first.

You can post chart analysis, analyze the latest metaverse or NFT ponzi, or even try posting your own crypto memes and Uber Eats receipts. Anything goes, and you can build your own crypto universe the way you like it.

Imagine it like building on another layer one after Ethereum. There are those that don't get it and see no point in building elsewhere. And then there are those who know that you can build something truly awesome from scratch.

You can Make CMC-Community Great again.

Don't Get Distracted By the Noise

If there's one thing that's worse than being down horrendous, it's Twitter's algorithm showing you tweets about the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial.

What's one to do to just get some good ol'-fashioned crypto news? Does it always have to be another celebrity tweet or cat video in between? And what's up with these notifications for stuff you're not even following?

Twitter's basically unusable these days. Good thing you don't care anymore because now you have CMC-Community! CMC-Community does crypto and CRYPTO only.

Just like you go keto when you want to lose weight, you need to cut out all the noise if you want to make the best move for your portfolio.

Go crypto-keto and go CMC-Community.


I don't think I need to say anything anymore. Using CMC-Community is the best decision you've made since selling BTC prematurely because the rent was due. What are you waiting for?

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