What Is Safe Earth?
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What Is Safe Earth?

Safe Earth is a blockchain-based eco-project that aims to keep making donations to charities saving the planet. Through its collaboration with The Earth Fund, it has donated over $200,000 to various charities months so far.

What Is Safe Earth?

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The cryptocurrency industry often faces negative comments regarding its impact on our environment. While mining and NFT minting is associated with high energy consumption and carbon emission, other projects aim to help save the planet through crypto investments. Safe Earth falls into the latter, as it strives to make regular donations to green charities, ensuring there is a positive aspect to cryptocurrency and the environment.

As global concern over climate change becomes more outspoken, now is the time to make a positive and meaningful impact. Safe Earth acknowledges climate change is relentless, and has come up with a plan of action to help people invest in a stable future for themselves and future generations.

What Is Safe Earth?

Safe Earth (SAFEEARTH) was founded in March 2021 to provide a more ethical way to invest in a future world for ourselves and those who come after us. Even though the human population has not been on this planet for long – the Earth is 6 billion years old and humans have existed for 2.4 million years – our species managed to cause nearly irreparable damage since the industrial revolution. To date, half of the world's forests have been destroyed, creating a lasting impact on global warming and various ecosystems.
Safe Earth proposes an ethical way to invest and support charities through an Earth Fund generated by trade. That fund has donated over $200,000 to date, a substantial amount for a project founded just a few months ago. Anyone can participate in saving the planet by buying, holding and trading the SAFEEARTH token. Through its autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol, hodlers will acquire more tokens for every transaction on the network.
As a blockchain-based eco-friendly project, Safe Earth aims to keep making donations to charities. Its first donation of $100,000 to TheOceanCleanUp helps remove plastic waste from our oceans, which would otherwise threaten fish and other aquatic species. Other contributions include donations to Amazon Watch, Save the Children, Charity: Water and The Water Project.

How Does Safe Earth Work?

Making donations to charities regularly is never an easy task. The first step is deciding which charity will receive a financial contribution. The Safe Earth community can weigh in on these choices and vote on the cause they think is more deserving. Voting takes place through social media channels, including Twitter and Telegram.

The built-in transaction tax allows Safe Earth to keep funding earth-saving initiatives. The 4% transaction tax is distributed as follows:

  • 1% goes to the initiatives as a donation fund
  • 1% goes to holders, who keep earning more SAFEEARTH for every transaction
  • 1% is locked in liquidity trading forever
  • 1% is spent on the overall outreach of Safe Earth in the form of a marketing budget
Safe Earth's native token is deflationary, which means there will be fewer SAFEEARTH over time. The team has burned 40% of the total supply during the token launch. That unspendable address will receive its share of the 1% distributed to token holders, further decreasing the total supply. The team has purposefully opted to place no limit on how many tokens can be burned

The primary focus of Safe Earth is to generate capital and build a strong and supportive community. Repairing the ecological damage done to the planet will require monumental effort. Safe Earth's collaboration with The Earth Fund, a charitable community, will help get the money to the charities that need it the most.

What Makes Safe Earth Unique?

Even though other projects want to bring more money to charities, Safe Earth distinguishes itself from the others with its strong focus on transparency, passionate work ethic and commitment to donate as much and often as possible. The project aims to impact our planet and the environment positively.

Additionally, the 4% token tax of Safe Earth is distributed evenly among four pillars. Most other tokens only reward token holders and the initial developer team. Safe Earth puts aside 1% of transaction tax for charitable purposes and another 1% on providing liquidity forever. As a deflationary token, the supply will continually be reduced, creating a form of scarcity.

Safe Earth also has a roadmap with current and future goals. For now, the focus rests on marketing and securing further partnerships with charitable organizations. The community can look forward to future voting options, events and competitions. Additionally, there will be information regarding a "secret new mission" soon.

Later this year, Safe Earth will introduce NFT staking and mining. The native token will also make its way to established exchanges and the overall ecosystem will receive a new development update.
SafeMars (SAFEMARS) is Safe Earth’s sister token and shares the same development team. SafeMars uses similar deflationary tokenomics to incentivize holders and has burned over 50% of its supply. As transaction fees do not go to charity funds, 2% goes directly to token holders and 2% is auto-locked to increase liquidity and prevent rug pull.

What Are People Saying About This Project?

On social media, there is a healthy buzz surrounding the Safe Earth project and its native token. The mission to create a sustainable future caters to the needs and expectations of long-term supporters and investors. Many people see this as a good coin worth holding, despite some market dips that come along the way. Moreover, the project's contributions to the tune of $208,000 to date have not gone by unnoticed.

On Reddit, there is a strong commitment to keeping everyone apprised of the ongoing donations and how much of a difference SafeEarth is making. For example, the Ocean Cleanup project shared an official message about the $100,000 contribution they received from the community in April. Additionally, there will be an upcoming donation to Sungai Watch – a charity dedicated to cleaning up the Indonesian mangrove.

The mission of Safe Earth is straightforward, and the team and community continue to explore new opportunities. Changing the world and our environmental impact will require tremendous effort, but every small donation can make a meaningful difference. Cryptocurrencies can make a prominent impact due to their borderless nature.

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