What Is Merit Circle (MC)? Features, Tokenomics, and Price Prediction

What Is Merit Circle (MC)? Features, Tokenomics, and Price Prediction

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CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into Merit Circle (MC), a play-to-earn gaming DAO that runs on a governance model and provides staking options to its token holders.

What Is Merit Circle (MC)? Features, Tokenomics, and Price Prediction

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Merit Circle (MC) is the 27th project on Binance Launchpool that currently supports the biggest NFT game known as Axie Infinity (AXS) and another well-known NFT-gaming studio known as Vulcan Forged, with the aim of adding more play2earn games in the near future. The Merit Circle (MC) protocol revolves around governance, play-to-earn games, NFTs. It provides its users with a lot of staking and bonus options.

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How Does Merit Circle (MC) Work?

Merit Circle DAO is the central hub where all the main action happens. Multiple SubDAOs work inside the main MC DAO to support the play-to-earn industry running on the protocol. The decisions on the protocol are taken through a governance model that is operated by anyone who is an MC token holder.
Three parts make up the Merit Circle (MC). The MainDAO, SubDAO, and the Vaults.
The MainDAO handles a variety of SubDAOs as described above. If a user owns any stake on the platform, they can vote on the future of every subDAO. However, this is not possible in the alternate scenario. In summary, the MainDAO is responsible for scaling of subDAOs, generating yield farming income, governance of the Merit Circle future, and other similar stuff.
A SubDAO represents an ‘asset’, meaning a game in the play2earn industry inside the Merit Circle ecosystem. They ensure continuity of in-game strategies and are deployed to promote earnings and NFTs with positive value accrual expectancy.
The vaults are where the profits are generated and flow back to all the contributing stakeholders in the Merit Circle ecosystem. The complete MC DAO structure is shown in the image below:

Merit Circle (MC) majorly serves three different communities including gamers, managers, and DAO contributors.

For DAO Contributors

Anyone can play their role in the vast infrastructure of Merit Circle DAO. Users must purchase the MC token in order to contribute to the DAO(s). As more users join the platform, the stakeholders will profit more from the rising value of the MC DAO's treasury, resulting in a higher MC token price. MC DAO contributors can also participate in the metaverse to earn passive income.

For Gamers

The Merit Circle DAO plans to offer a play2earn platform. While the choice of the platform to make money belongs to users, doing it with Merit Circle has certain advantages such as getting access to competitive in-game assets, interacting with top gamers, hosting meta-games, getting rewards for engaging gameplay, and so on.

For Managers

Managers oversee the everyday operations of gaming activities in the play2earn model to shape the inside flows and handle demands. The play2earn model enables anyone to host their students and play the role of a manager. However, being a Merit Circle manager comes with additional perks, including having a vibrant pool of the top players from different games, having the freedom to switch between games, and getting performance rewards regularly.

How To Participate in the MC Token's Launchpool on Binance?

The total launch pool supply of MC tokens is 12,500,000 MC.

The farming period for the MC token starts from Dec. 3, 2021, 00:00 AM (UTC) and ends on Dec. 31, 2021, 11:59 PM (UTC). The supported pools are as follows:

  • Stake BNB: 8,750,000 MC in rewards (70%)
  • Stake MC: 2,500,000 MC in rewards (20%)
  • Stake BUSD: 1,250,000 MC in rewards (10%)

Users can stake their BNB, MC, and BUSD to farm MC tokens.

The Team Behind Merit Circle (MC)

Merit Circle (MC) is a DAO, which means that anyone can join their platform as seed contributors. However, they still have a fully operating core team which is as follows:

  • Marco - CEO
  • Tommy - CFO
  • Mark - COO
For the full list of seed contributors, both entities and individuals, click here.

Merit Circle (MC) Roadmap

The Merit Circle (MC) team is currently busy scaling efforts of their community and introducing new strategies. In 2022, the team plans to roll out more subDAOs and launch an on-chain voting process. The team is also gearing up to offer player sponsorships, and NFT deals, among many other things.
For the full roadmap of Merit Circle (MC), please click here.

Unique Features of Merit Circle (MC)

Play2Earn Index

Multiple subDAOs make up the Merit Circle DAO. Merit Circle's play-to-earn activities in each game are represented by each subDAO. For example, Axie Infinity is assigned one subDAO, which has around 1,500 scholars who provide a high return on investment to MC DAO. The mainDAO will then be able to take part in other profit-generating operations, acquire more NFTs, perform yield farming, and engage in other upcoming games.

Staking, NFT Drops, and Prizes

The Merit Circle (MC) has set aside a large number of tokens as staking prizes, NFT drops, in addition to exclusive in-game awards and early access to numerous games. The MC team also plans to add more rewards for token holders as the DAO grows and branches into new sectors.

Governance Protocol

Acquiring even a single MC token provides the holder a vote in the DAO's future. While the Merit Circle DAO's primary contributors established an initial foundation and objective for the organization, the path ahead is unknown and it will be decided through the governance model.
As per the whitepaper of Merit Circle (MC), members of the board of directors can express their thoughts by broadcasting suggestions to the rest of the company, after which each token holder can vote to support or oppose any proposal on the governance platform.

Merit Circle (MC) Tokenomics

According to tokenomics, The total supply of the Merit Circle (MC) tokens is 1,000,000,000 MC, and the circulating supply is 42,592,000 (4.26% of total supply).

The token distribution for the MC token is as follows:

  • Community incentives - 29.44% (294,375,000 MC tokens)
  • Team and advisors - 20% (200,000,000 MC tokens)
  • DAO treasury - 18.40% (183,980,000 MC tokens)
  • Early investors - 14.06% (140,625,000 MC tokens)
  • Liquidity rewards - 10% (100,000,000 MC tokens)
  • Public distribution - 4.10% (41,020,000 MC tokens)
  • Retroactive rewards - 4% (40,000,000 MC tokens)

Merit Circle (MC) Price

Merit Circle (MC) is now trading at around $5.66, as of Dec. 6, 2021. Its 24-hour trading volume on exchanges is around $43,662,630.

Merit Circle (MC) Price Prediction and Future Outlook

The DAO tokens' total market cap stands at $241,270,862. With tokens such as UNI, Aave, MKR, and CRV taking the lead in the world of DAO’s, the overall market and potential in this industry are still open for any DAO token to dominate. The MC token has the infrastructure, partnerships, and a solid roadmap that can put it in the top 10 DAO tokens in the near future. If that were to happen, the price of the MC token can skyrocket to $20 or more.
In the world of crypto, marketing takes the front seat every time. This is because, despite the popularity of crypto, global crypto ownership only stands at 3.9%. This means that even good projects with bad marketing tactics are unknown to not only the world but to active crypto holders as well. In this field, the MC token holds an advantage over many other DAO tokens. With a strong social community including 67.6k+ Twitter followers, 25k+ Discord members, and 4.8k followers on Telegram, the Merit Circle's marketing team is hitting all the right notes when it comes to engaging their crypto community.
Supporting major games like Axie Infinity and Vulcan Forged is enough proof that the MC DAO platform is here to stay. Axie Infinity, the game which broke all records and recorded over a billion sales in 2021, has partnered with Merit Circle to help in the evolution of the NFT game and maximize the returns to every entity involved in the virtual gaming world. The involvement of Merit Circle in the NFT market is a good indicator for MC token holders.
The recent Binance listing of the MC token took it to an all-time high of $11.70. And although the price took a nosedive for obvious reasons, it is steadily growing back again and currently placed at $5.66. Any new listing on an exchange has high volatility. The same is the case with the MC token. The expert analysis does suggest that with the high trading volume of $43 million, the MC token might try to break its all-time high very soon. The farming period of the token on Binance which will end by the end of this month is another reason why the price of MC token might follow the rising price of the BNB token and break its all-time high to reach the short-term target of $20.
In summary, the Merit Circle (MC) is a powerful DAO token, however, with the current crypto volatility, anything is possible. Hence, it is advised to DYOR and confirm with experts before investing in the MC token.
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