What Is Galaxis? The Web3 Platform That Puts Communities First
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What Is Galaxis? The Web3 Platform That Puts Communities First

1mo ago

Discover the Web3 platform empowering creators and communities with innovative NFT utilities, celeb partnerships, and lucrative grant programs.

What Is Galaxis? The Web3 Platform That Puts Communities First

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In a world where Web3 promises to decentralize everything, one thing remains central: community.
Looking past the technical aspects of the Web3 space, one of the core pillars of the industry is the heavy focus on community. Unlike the Web2 space where users are simply customers that companies push their products to, communities often make or break Web3 projects, shaping their direction and design.
Even with the largest cryptocurrency today, Bitcoin, while its creator Satoshi Nakamoto has long taken his hands off the project, the Bitcoin developer community continues to build around the technology to improve his work. The same behavior can be observed around many established crypto projects, where some are even managed by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).

With such an emphasis on community, it is no surprise that tools and entire companies have sprung up to tackle the challenge of engaging and managing the growing communities in Web3. Galaxis is one such disruptive project taking the lead in this space.

But just what exactly is Galaxis?

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What Is Galaxis?

Backed by seed round investor Chainlink, and prominent investors such as Rarestone Capital, and Taisu Ventures, among others, Galaxis is a no-code Web3 platform that provides the framework to build, grow, and engage decentralized communities. Through their modular infrastructure, creators, and projects are empowered to create sustainable Web3 communities without relying on centralized platforms such as the dominant existing social media applications.

Galaxis is also advised by Ethereum Name Service (ENS) founder Nick Johnson and Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov, with strategic partners including CoinMarketCap, Polygon Chainlink Labs, ENS, and more.

How Does Galaxis Work?

Galaxis utilizes a digital, NFT-based membership system. Community owners issue membership cards through Galaxis' creator platform. These NFT cards serve as the foundation for each community, conferring valuable features, functions, and value tailored by their respective creators for cardholders. Beyond granting access to the community and its ecosystem, a card's design reflects the community's values and identity.


To grant tangible value to their holders, the membership cards can be enhanced through a wide variety of Badges.

Physical Redeemable Badges

This trait enables holders to connect real-world assets to their cards and redeem a physical item reflecting their connection to the community. This includes items such as merch or new products offered to the community.

Digital Redeemable Badges

Similar to the Physical Redeemable Badge, digital collectibles can also be easily dispatched to users through this trait. This could range from exclusive digital art and NFTs to special access to online events or content..

Online Meeting Badges

Provides fans with a convenient way to arrange virtual 1-on-1 meetings with the community owner or creator.

Discount Badges

Discount coupons can be distributed to community members through the discount badge to help community members access paid content, events, and products at a preferential rate.

Decorative Badges

Sometimes referred to just as Badges, these are a special class of Utility Traits that function more as a marker on a holder’s membership card. These badges usually represent certain achievements, milestones, or participation in specific events or games by the holder. These badges imbue the experience of the user into the card to reflect their journey in the community. One such application of badges is in interactive games where a user’s leaderboard position and score can be reflected on a badge on their membership card.

Sticker Books

Galaxis supports Sticker Books, simulating the nostalgic experience of collecting physical stickers. Fans and collectors can showcase their "sticker" collections, including both Galaxis-issued stickers and non-Galaxis NFTs, tapping into the childhood joy of swapping stickers with friends.

Galaxis Grants Program

To support and develop the creator ecosystem, Galaxis will launch a $1 million USDT grants program over the next 12 months. The grant amount is split into two segments: the Creator Grant Program and the Community Member Grant Program.

Creator Grant Program

  • Monthly rewards based on active membership tiers within a creator's community
  • For every "Full Tier" member, community owners earn $1 per month
  • For every "VIP Tier" member, community owners receive $10 per month
  • Designed to mirror the Patreon model, incentivizing creators to increase community engagement on Galaxis

Community Member Grant Program

  • Rewards active community members who contribute to the community's success through content creation, supporting events, campaigns, and milestones
  • 90% of the grant pool is distributed to community members
  • The remaining 10% is distributed to the respective community owners

The Brains Behind Galaxis

Galaxis is helmed by CEO Andras Kristof, a serial entrepreneur and an OG crypto user since 2013. Notably, Kristof installed Asia's first Bitcoin ATM in Singapore in 2014. He has contributed to the Ethereum ecosystem since its beta days, working significantly on infrastructure-related projects.

Kristof's work on NFT infrastructure led him to develop an NFT-based ticketing system for DEVCON Osaka in 2019. This foray into NFTs paved the way for his work on Galaxis. His understanding of the importance of communities developed during his time as CTO of Viki.com, a crowdsourced video translation platform with a strong focus on Korean dramas. This experience made him appreciate the power of engaging communities.

Alongside Kristof is Galaxis co-founder Benjamin Ong, who has partnered with him since the early days. They collaborated on the DEVCON NFT-ticketing system and several Ethereum Foundation initiatives related to privacy technology.

Notable Projects and Achievements

Since its beta launch in November 2022, Galaxis has sold more than 225,000 NFTs through its platform and generated more than 32,000 ETH in secondary sales volume. Beyond its impressive stats, Galaxis has also successfully partnered with some top celebrities today, including Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki and the NBA.

The Mike Tyson NFT Collection

The Mike Tyson NFT Collection features a set of NFT collections surrounding legendary boxer Mike Tyson’s life story and his legacy in the boxing world. It features creative oversight from Mike Tyson and original art from artist Cory Van Lew.

The Lifetime Collection takes fans on a complete journey through Mike Tyson's life, while the 1-of-1 Ultimate Mike Tyson NFT, utilizes Galaxis’ unlockable technology to grant highly exclusive and unique experiences to its holder.

The Ultimate Mike Tyson NFT was eventually sold in an auction for 84.72 WETH (~281K USD) to Charles Read, the CEO of Rarestone Capital. With the NFT, he was able to redeem a range of experiences and physical merchandise including:

  • A full expenses paid trip to the Tyson Ranch
  • A boxing lesson from Mike Tyson himself
  • A sparring session with Mike Tyson’s own sparring partner
  • Smoke weed with Mike Tyson
  • Mike Tyson treasure box containing memorabilia, merch and more
  • A physical Cory van Lew painting of the 1-of-1 NFT

Steve Aoki’s Dominion X

Steve Aoki collaborated with Galaxis in 2021 to launch a groundbreaking first use of Galaxis’ Forge feature. By collecting a specific set of NFTs, holders were able to claim a new and exclusive NFT which unlocked a short film stored on the blockchain, Dominion X.

This was the first use of the Forge technology, which enabled unlockable content through an on-chain experience. Moreover, this film also represented the first animated short film on the blockchain, making this collection a huge milestone for the NFT space.

NBA’s The Association

The Association NFT is a set of 30,000 dynamic NFTs officially launched by the NBA in partnership with Galaxis. These NFTs track real-time stats of NBA players during the 2022 NBA Playoffs, with 125 editions per player. The NFTs' appearance changes over time to reflect the team and player's on-court performance throughout the season.

This collection highlighted Galaxis' integration with the oracle network Chainlink. Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) helped ensure that each NFT mint was purely random, preventing minters from knowing which player they would receive until the reveal. Additionally, player stats were delivered on-chain through Chainlink's oracle service, enabling the dynamic updates of the NFTs based on real-world data.

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