What Is ETHPad (ETHPAD)?
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What Is ETHPad (ETHPAD)?

CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into ETHPad (ETHPAD), a decentralized & deflationary IDO platform with EIP-1559 as its revolutionary feature.

What Is ETHPad (ETHPAD)?

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In the crypto market, cross-chain launches are becoming the new normal. Many new blockchains are entering the space, which is changing the crypto industry. 
ETHPad (ETHPAD) is a relatively new platform that provides complete access to cross-chain launches. It claims to be the world's first deflationary and decentralized IDO platform, modeled around EIP-1559. 

Who Created ETHPad?

BlueZilla, the company behind the launch of the BSCPad, has created ETHPad. The success of BlueZilla with BSCPad established it as one of the crypto marketing leaders in the launchpad domain and thus sparked interest from the crypto community when ETHPad was announced. 

BSCPad Became a Promoting Platform for ETHPad

BSCPad, the first decentralized IDO platform for the Binance Smart Chain Network, became the biggest motivator behind the launch of the first Ethereum-based launchpad i.e. ETHPad to join the blockchain ecosystem. 

How Does BSCPad Work?

BSCPad has figured out a method to reward and incentivize all token holders in a way that is both equitable and has a low-barrier to access. The basic problems of present launchpads are that obtaining enough tokens to engage in the ecosystem is prohibitively expensive, and even if investors do have the tokens, an allocation space is not guaranteed. They work on a first-come, first-serve basis, where automated bots do all the work required to fill whitelist slots in a matter of seconds. 

BSCPad creates decentralized launches that are fair for everyone. The BSCPad is known for its two-round method, which ensures that every tier level receives an allocation. There are no lotteries, no bots and no luck involved; simply evenly dispersed prizes for all participants.

Another project from BlueZilla is TRONPAD which churned out a great ROI (up to 300x) for its investors. 

All of these past projects have contributed to the current success of ETHPad.

How Does ETHPad (ETHPAD) Work?

ETHPad works with a deflationary mechanism, which tends to focus on the maximum supply of cryptocurrencies. In ETHPad, the first two primary deflationary methods will incur a 10% charge on all token sales, 2.5% of which will be burnt and 7.5% of which will be given to ETH stakers. There will be an opportunity to unstake prematurely, which will incur a 25% burn charge on the investors; however, there are no fees if an investor waits 21 days to unstake. ETHPad has also announced that several deflationary techniques are currently being developed and will be implemented in the near future.

How Is ETHPad Unique?

ETHPad promises to include multiple deflationary triggers paired with IDO involvement, staking and selling. With a result-oriented staking mechanism and a cross-chain bridge, the cross-platform launch enables easy liquidity skimming BOT protection.

The deflationary mechanism was designed and embedded into the ETHPad's token framework, and the burns will be programmed to reduce the overall circulating supply over time through staking, selling and IDO involvement.

ETHPad token, the platform's native currency, is accessible for staking and trading under the ticker code ETHPAD.

Defining Features of ETHPad

The most important element of ETHPad is EIP-1559. EIP-1559 makes a number of improvements to the ETHPad platform that will help investors pay fewer fees and complete transactions faster than before.

EIP-1559 provides a new transaction pricing method to address the issues that now afflict the market price auction models. It establishes two sorts of fees: the base fee and the inclusion fee.

The base fee will be a per-block network fee that must be included in each transaction. This basic fee will grow if the blocks are over the gas goal limit, and it will drop if they are below the gas target limit.

The base fee will be greater when the network congestion is strong, and it will be reduced when the network congestion is minimal. Transactions will be somewhat faster, though, because blocks with a larger gas limit will have more transactions to complete.

The greatest variation in base fee from block to block is foreseeable since these base fee adjustments are limited. Wallets will be able to reliably set gas costs for users as a result of this feature.

An inclusion fee will be paid directly to the miners. However, investors can opt-out of paying an inclusion charge.

Despite the fact that two of the three major Ethereum mining pools have publicly stated their opposition to EIP-1559, its popularity continues to rise. EIP-1559 provides miners more control over block size and more predictability in their earnings.

ETHPad Offers an Incubator Program for Promising Startups

The number of new initiatives has surged as the IDO space has grown exponentially. In this new environment, identifying and investing in the finest initiatives has become the priority for all major investors. ETHPad's new incubator initiative plans to identify and nurture the most intriguing teams and ideas throughout their ecosystem of launchpads.

Projects that get incubated in the ETHPad ecosystem will receive assistance for in-house development, token contract generation, expert tokenomics design and vesting schedule development. The incubatees will also receive a helping hand from the ETHPad team in their marketing and IDO platforms for launching their launchpads into the crypto community with the additional benefit of making invaluable contacts in the crypto industry.

Huge Social Media Influence Behind ETHPad

It is a well-known fact among the crypto community that Elon Musk’s tweets have a direct influence on the crypto markets. This makes Twitter a powerful weapon to provide an opinion, influence millions and create a loyal fan base of any crypto coin/token. BlueZilla understands this huge opportunity and they use the same platform, Twitter, to promote all their crypto launchpads. BSCPad has a total of 183.5k followers. TRONPad has a total of 83.9k followers and ETHPad stands at 84.5k followers so far (as of August 2021). 

These are massive numbers in the social media world. All three platforms regularly tweet and promote each other, which may contribute to the linear growth of ETHPad in the future.

ETHPad (ETHPAD)Tokenomics

There is a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 ETHPAD tokens. Starting with an initial market cap of $55,500 USD, the token distribution of ETHPAD will be as follows:

  • Private Sale: 22%
  • Airdrop: 20%
  • Team: 11%
  • Liquidity: 10%
  • Ecosystem: 9%
  • Staking/Rewards: 9%
  • Advisors: 6%
  • BSCPad Public: 5%
  • TronPad Public: 5%
  • Reserve: 3%


ETHPad (ETHPAD) is now trading at $0.084, as of Aug. 16, 2021. Its 24-hour trading volume on exchanges is around USD $637,609.20.

When Will ETHPAD (ETHPAD) Hit $1?

As of Aug. 16, 2021, ETHPad (ETHPAD) is trading at $0.084. So far, the token's price has increased by about 3.33% in the past 24 hours. However, looking at the price chart, it can go either way. If the popularity of launchpads continues to grow in the crypto industry this can be very good news for all ETHPAD holders; however, the presence of many volatile factors makes it difficult to guess the exact timeline of when ETHPAD will hit the $1 mark.

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