What Is Bloktopia (BLOK)? One of the Biggest Metaverse Projects
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What Is Bloktopia (BLOK)? One of the Biggest Metaverse Projects

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As the crypto industry is full of projects that claim to be scalable, secure, and interoperable, Bloktopia metaverse comes with an unprecedented VR experience for the crypto community.

What Is Bloktopia (BLOK)? One of the Biggest Metaverse Projects

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Blockchain platform Elrond recently sealed a significant partnership with Bloktopia and became one of the latest crypto businesses to venture into the metaverse. By rebranding as Meta, even Facebook recently embraced the metaverse claiming that the new technology will help people communicate better and grow businesses.

Until a couple of years ago, it was enough for a business to claim it was blockchain-based to be considered innovative and future-oriented. Today, the industry is full of platforms that declare to be scalable, fast, secure, and developer-friendly, therefore businesses must find other ways to win the competition.

Interdisciplinary partnerships can make a difference and bring something innovative onboard. For example, when blockchain projects met IoT in the recent past, they were always welcomed with interest by investors, entrepreneurs, and users alike.

New offerings must be useful to communities and easy to adopt or experiment with novel ideas for businesses to compete and thrive. 

The Latest Hype in the Cryptocurrency Space Is the Metaverse 

Accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis that has required a new communication model, the metaverse is the new virtual world where people can share mesmerizing experiences with other human beings even when they can’t be together. The metaverse will allow people to do things together they wouldn’t be able to do in the physical world and, scary as it sounds, it’s the inevitable future reality.

International research company Strategy Analytics has predicted that the global Metaverse market might reach an extraordinary $280 billion valuation by 2025.

Often expressed in spectacularly lightened high-tech urban environments, the metaverse brings together augmented and virtual realities. Social connection, entertainment, gaming, fitness, work, education and commerce combine to create a materialized internet where people interact and are a vital part of the experience, not just passively looking at it.

Let’s explore what partnering with Bloktopia means and what is this futuristic project.

Elrond Partnership With Bloktopia

Becoming an Anchor Tenant in Bloktopia, Elrond’s virtual HQ will be placed on Level 1, which is considered a privileged location since it’s where all players spawn by default. Elrond will have maximum exposure for a customized lounge and content such as crypto ecosystem features or educational material made available in the virtual location.

“We are further exploring deeper technical integrations with Bloktopia, such as bridging a portion of the BLOK supply as an ESDT token to give Elrond users easier access into the VR metaverse and enabling Bloktopia NFTs to be purchasable in NFT marketplaces on the Elrond blockchain,” announced Daniel Serb, BD at Elrond, in a recent blog post.

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is a VR skyscraper made of 21 floors, in honor of 21 million Bitcoin. It’s the VR metaverse that aims to become the edutainment hub for all levels of crypto experience.
The high-tech tower rises from a decaying world, and it’s based on an NFT-based economy that allows entrepreneurs to own land and develop it as virtual real estate, with advertisements and events that create earning opportunities for users. 
Cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, VR, AR all merge to create a decentralized hub for future entrepreneurs, investors, players and developers.     

Supported by the Polygon network and built on a cross-platform game engine — Unity, by founders of Sony Playstation VR — Bloktopia allows visitors to engage in basic or advanced learning, earn revenue, play games with friends, build networks and much more.                    

Bloktopia is like a shopping mall, where stores exist alongside other types of activities and businesses, where projects, exchanges, influencers, or crypto brands showcase their content and key messages. 

Bloktopians are the BLOK token holders and members of the Bloktopia metaverse. For the first time, users will have access to crypto information and captivating content all in one place.

Bloktopians will be able to learn, play and earn revenue through real estate ownership, advertising revenue and much more. Powered by the 3D Creation Engine, the world’s most advanced real-time video game engine, Bloktopia will leverage the technology to create stunning visualizations and user experiences.

The Bloktopia metaverse will be made of real estate bloks that can be purchased and governed by the BLOK token holders.

Learn, Earn, Play, and Create: The Four Pillars of the Bloktopia Metaverse


Bloktopia will be the central hub where users can learn about the world of crypto, which can be challenging to explore.


Bloktopians will have plenty of earning opportunities by purchasing real estate and even speculating on it, and either resell for profit or lease to a tenant.

Other opportunities will include passive earning, staking and advertising.


Users can relax, have fun, socialize and compete with friends through virtual reality world first-person interaction.


Through a simple builder tool, users will be able to use their creativity by producing scenes, artwork and even participating in events to win prizes.

The Tokenized Decentralized VR Crypto Skyscraper

Blok tokens allow its holders to purchase NFTs, which represent ownership for REBLOK and ADBLOK. 

Purchasing real estate within Bloktopia is known as REBLOK, which can be of sole ownership, represented by a single NFT, or joint ownership represented by multiple NFTs.

REBLOK can also be leased for an event or long-term to tenants, just like real-world real estate. Prime locations include levels 1, 6, and 21. The Land Sale portal will be available soon and meanwhile, CoinMarketCap has also recently secured a store in a prime location of the Bloktopia skyscraper.

ADBLOK is the revenue stream generated by Bloktopia advertisements. Creating hype and fame for Bloktopia brand partners through dwell time and play-through rate provides a valuable prospect to advertisers. A proportion of these advertising fees generated will be redistributed to Bloktopia token holders.

Who Will Visit Bloktopia?

According to a recent study, 90% of Bloktopia’s visitors will be males between 18 and 34. They have a vivid interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs and earn between $20K and $50K. They heard about crypto in the news and focus on the USA, Asian, and UK markets.

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