What Are Stramosi NFTs? Features, Ownership Perks and More

What Are Stramosi NFTs? Features, Ownership Perks and More

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CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into Stramosi, a local and limited collection NFT project based on the Elrond Network and supported by @Romania NGO.

What Are Stramosi NFTs? Features, Ownership Perks and More

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Stramosi (Roman meaning "ancestors") is an intriguing NFT project inspired by Romania's colorful mythology. One of the most striking aspects of this NFT is that it was created by combining the facial characteristics of various Romanian personalities, such as the hair of Mihail Sadoveanu, a famous Romanian writer, the ears of George Enescu, a famous Romanian composer, the face of Constantin Nottara, a famous Romanian theatre artist and so on.

Stramosi is built on the Elrond blockchain, which is a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform. Elrond also has its own token, called the eGOLD (or EGLD)

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How Does Stramosi Work?

Stramosi was inspired by the Elrond network, a third-generation blockchain platform rooted in Romania that is growing rapidly with its own cryptocurrency and supporting a wide range of other distributed apps.

Stramosi was intended to be claimed for free, but given Elrond's extraordinarily low cost and quick transaction speed, a huge portion of the collection could be hoarded by a few people. As a result, a minting cost was applied to each Stramosi. This assured equitable distribution, provided value and set a floor price for the entire collection.

Stramosi is establishing a donation-based incentive system since they are on a mission to do good. All resources earned will be donated to the @Romania NGO that will develop innovative technology in the field of tourism by implementing DeFi and increasing adoption in the Elrond ecosystem.

According to Sabin Stanescu, @Romania NGO CEO:

“Stramosi is on a mission to do good. Stramosi aims to bring extra adoption and transactions on Elrond, become the most important NFT project on the platform, and create added value for its holders. Stramosi will also allow the @Romania NGO to build a DAO on top of Elrond, work on a blockchain tourism platform powered by AI, and change the way we promote and visit Romania. We are really glad to have such strong support from Arc Stake and see that they share so many of the same ideals. I believe that with their support we will manage to create extra value for early adopters and build great things on Elrond."

Unique Features of Stramosi


The NFT collection of "Stramosi" contains 10,000 ancestors, each one unique with characteristics associated with key historical individuals and Romanian traditions. Since the NFTs are already owned, the cost depends on the sales made by the owner of the token. It can be purchased with EGLD. At the time of writing, the price of EGLD is $156.24.

Elrond NFT

Stramosi is essentially an ESDT (Elrond Standard Digital Token) that gives the NFT speed and scalability without the requirement for contracts like ERC-20. The Elrond protocol adds metadata and properties to the previously existing ESDT to enable Stramosi, and it provides for a few more features than an ESDT, such as a changing URI. Stramosi can be purchased once the marketplace is operational, you will be able to sell and exchange them at internet speeds at extremely low prices.

Limited and Special Avatars

Stramosi can be owned and held in the Elrond wallet, and now, only a maximum of 10k wallets on Elrond can have a Stramosi avatar, which will become extremely scarce as Stramosi increases.

How to get Stramosi?

All 10,000 Stramosi NFTs have been approved and are working on the Elrond blockchain, which was initially envisioned to be distributed for free. During the initial sale, participants purchased the Stramosi NFT only for 1 EGLD. However, today you can still participate in the project by acquiring a Stramosi NFT from its present owner. Make sure you're utilizing a reputable marketplace because the Stramosi is part of the MOS-b9b4b2 collection on Elrond.

The good news for existing owners is that owing to the restricted supply of Stramosi, as more individuals join Elrond and demand for Elrond NFTs rises, the value of Stramosi can be expected to increase proportionately over time.

Perks of being a Stramosi NFT Owner

Early adopters of the NFT will enjoy some fantastic benefits as a result of owning a one-of-a-kind NFT constructed for the first time on the Elrond Network. In addition, you will benefit from the privileges provided by @Romania NGO.

  • You will receive a membership card to the @RomaniaDAO.
  • You have the authority to make choices on all Elrond blockchain projects and tourist promotion initiatives devised by @Romania.
  • You will be assured a position in the token distribution of @Romania's next-generation Elrond-powered AI platform.
  • You can anticipate getting your hands on a slew of unique drops that are about to be released.

The Team Behind Stramosi

Sabin Stanescu (Founder and CVO)

Enthusiastic about DAOs, the Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain and other cool stuff, is one of Stramosi's many team members. He has visited over 60 countries to explore tourism spots and has a Guinness World Record. He also plans on transforming Romania using blockchain and their tourism-related DAO.

Eduard (Co-founder and DAO Architect)

A self-taught creative who enjoys building things and holds a bachelor's degree in architecture. Spent time in an international setting honing abilities that will be useful in the future.

Iulian (Co-founder and CSO)

A crypto enthusiast who also enjoys photography. He has traveled the globe and seen some of the world's most prominent racing and art events. Romania is his favorite place on the planet.

Stefen (Social Media Manager)

Enjoys mountaineering and traveling to different parts of Romania. He puts his digital abilities to good use by highlighting areas worth visiting. Establishes important collaborations with creators.

The team also owns two cats. Who knows if that turns out to be relevant in the future?

Roadmap of Stramosi

'Stramosi' was founded with the goal of promoting Romanian tourism by developing Romania's first blockchain travel platform. With 10,000 NFT characters already sold, this is the first time an NFT has been sold, auctioned and minted for a price of $10 million.

Stramosi has a long road ahead of it, especially because it intends to transform traditional tourism with a decentralized infrastructure that will allow people who want to travel in Romania, whether Romanians or visitors from other countries, to benefit from an AI-based platform that will be able to configure their trips and travel experience within the country.

In Q4 2021, the project is focusing on the development of the @Romania Platform, tourism promotion through marketing, Stramosi Marketing and Development, and Elrond Startups.

The project intends to create a valid proof of concept for the decentralized tourism platform and an introductory Whitepaper, broaden @Romania's reach, provide exclusive airdrops to early adopters, and plan world tours and events. They will also contribute to the funding of two startups built on top of Elrond in Q122.

Q2 2022 will focus more on developing the Whitepaper 1.0, which will include essential principles and in-depth material. @Romania will promote the country's tourism on a worldwide scale, Stramosi will establish a real-world base camp, and funding will be provided for high-intensity bootcamps.

Q3 2022 will be focused on project launch and airdrops; the actual launchpad utilized will be published later; Stramosi NFT holders can anticipate tokens. The project will promote Romania by engaging international influencers to generate content and give a fresh perspective on Romania with their native audiences, a music festival and concert tour, and the funding of two more startups who have the same mission as them.

Q4 2022 will be devoted to the advancement of the @Romania ecosystem, setting the stage for the testing of Stramosi NFTs as governance tokens. The hands-on experiences of well-traveled persons will be used to construct Romania's tourist brand, a mobile game will be built that incorporates Stramosi NFTs as a key idea, and lastly, the Elrond community will celebrate a year of successes.

They have a lot more planned for 2023.

Are NFTs and Cryptocurrencies the Next Step In Romania’s Tourism?

In order to understand Romania's enormous tourism potential and the state-run institutions' efforts to promote them, all you have to do is visit the Ministry of Tourism's official website. The website demonstrates that the government is making little effort to promote tourism to foreigners.

This is where the zeal of local organizations such as @Romania NGO to transform the face of mainstream governmental institutions for tourism is extraordinary. They seek to reinvent tourism in Romania by creating a place for smart travel and becoming a self-sustaining AI-driven tourism DAO. The funds raised through Stramosi NFT will be used to create and market the tourism platform based on Elrond blockchain technology, assisting Romanian travel businesses in gaining clients and empowering individuals in tourism through DeFi, and this will be accomplished through the @Romania DAO.

The DAO seeks to transform our perceptions of tourist spots and the management of tourism real estate. People will be empowered by a decentralized environment in which they own and share their travel experiences. Not only is the current tourism industry dominated by a centralized entity that fails to deliver results and lacks a future-proof strategy, but democratizing and advocating for decentralization will generate massive growth opportunities and raise awareness of the importance of individual efforts in promoting tourism.

A decentralized platform will be established with the support of the Elrond Blockchain in order to integrate tourism with a sustainable democratic and smart travel solution. Tickets will be Elrond NFTs that individuals can buy, earn and sell on the marketplace, increasing the number of transactions on the Elrond network.

Blockchain integration can be found in virtually all industries, resulting in higher transparency, better security, improved traceability, increased transaction efficiency and speed, and cost savings. The proposal of the @Romania NGO and Stramosi NFT to connect the Elrond blockchain with tourism is very unique, and it will alleviate many of the challenges that the Romanian tourist sector is now facing. Imagine! It all started with a colorful and groovy NFT 'Stamosi' , an artwork inspired by Roman legend.
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