Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Let That Sink In
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Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Let That Sink In

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It was a week of sinks, bear markets, NFT fights and more sinks.

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Let That Sink In

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Gm anon,

It was gearing up to be a quiet week after the chaos and carnage of last week. But then reality sank in:

We covered Elon buying Twitter in our piece What Does Twitter's New CEO Elon Musk Mean for Crypto, so all the Musk-related news and tweets are over there. However, do get ready for a few memes at the end, but first…

Who Went Viral This Time?

First, airdrops. Yes, again.

This section was never meant to be all about airdrops, and we promise there will be an airdrop break next week. However, since you, anon, are a sleepyhead and probably still trying to make it back with leverage, we do have two more airdrop threads this week.
There was the ever-reliable olimpio.eth reminding us about a possible SUI airdrop:
And Miles Deutscher covered, one more time, a possible ARBI airdrop:

Last time that we’re covering those!

There weren't a ton of interesting threads last week. But on the topic of airdrops, Auri_0x covered how industrial airdrop farmers milk protocols for big sums:

So, keep in mind that airdrops may not be around forever.

Another insightful thread came from Aylo, covering the nuts and bolts of Ethereum’s L2 chains and what is happening on them:
Lot of stuff happening on Ethereum. Remember, a good narrative is never too far away, and Ethereum has a great narrative of being deflationary. That’s where Pentoshi’s bear market cheat sheet may come in handy:

Who Is Arguing In Way Too Public A Place?

A far cry from last week’s outburst of drama but there was one noteworthy argument on NFT Twitter last week.

There’s a new NFT aggregator protocol called Blur in town. It looked all fine and dandy, but here is a good (though technical) thread breaking down why Blur’s contract design may not be the best to list high-value NFTs:

But then there is another NFT marketplace called X2Y2, which was not happy about Blur using their listings and denied API access:

So now we have an aggregator and an NFT marketplace beefing:

So who’s right and who’s wrong here?

Uhm…hard to say. But judging by NFT Twitter’s reactions, both would be better advised to live and let live:

Has the NFT space seen better days? Some would say it has:

Elon and Saylor Say Stuff

Covering all of Elon in the main piece, so we’ll just check in with Michael Saylor this week. Like most of Crypto Twitter, he was happy to see Musk buy Twitter:

And Mr. Saylor reminded us that the Lightning Network, slowed but surely, is expanding its reach:

Talk of the Town

Not a ton of interesting developments last week, but there were a few noteworthy discussions. SBF reacted to last week’s shitstorm:

Long thread short, CeFi like FTX needs to be regulated. DeFi too, but how exactly is not really clear. Main thing is that users know what they#re getting into. Well, that hasn’t really moved us forward much then, has it?

Speaking of moving forward, Apple has been doing so with new rules for crypto and NFTs in its app store. Daniel Mason brought us up to speed:

His TLDR is that Apple wants to work with crypto apps but on its own terms and as long as there’s money to be made for Apple. Color us unsurprised.

Finally, trading veteran Tom Dante dropped some wisdom for the mere mortals:
Again, not too much of a discussion here but worth noting that some of the biggest accounts in the space retweeted this thread. There’s a part 2 to it as well.

Our Favorite Coinfession

This week’s clear winner and a massive oooofff moment is this Coinfession:

Don’t let this be you, anon.


Alright, so we know you probably just scrolled down to the memes cause, let’s be real, it’s been a slow week. Here’s the best of Elon Musk taking over Twitter.

Elon triggering the woke employees:

Elon the fascist:

Elon’s new HR policy:

See you at next week’s round-up of the ElonMuskMessagingApp, anon!

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