A Deep Dive Into GM WAGMI (GM)

A Deep Dive Into GM WAGMI (GM)

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Find out more about the cultural movement and social token created for GM, or good morning in short, meme greeting on social media — especially popular on crypto twitter.

A Deep Dive Into GM WAGMI (GM)

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What is the GM Movement?

GM is an abbreviation of good morning, and has caught on in the crypto twitter space, although it is unsure when the phrase has started. As crypto twitter users started greeting each other using GM, it was soon picked up by influential figures in the crypto twitter started. $GM was allegedly inspired by Raj, the co-founder of the Solana blockchain.

Even exchanges got into the act.

Pretty soon, American rap star Young Thug was greeting his 5.7M followers with "GM".

Indeed, with the numerous crypto fights behind Bitcoin maxis, Ethereans or proponents of other chains, it appears that "GM" is the only thing that crypto twitter agree on.

What Is GM WAGMI (GM)?

The initial concept behind GM WAGMI was to pay respects to Raj, the co-founder of SOL, who kept saying #Gm to everyone and actively advocated everyone's right to do so. The team behind GM WAGMI thinks there is a lot of resistance against people saying "gm" on social media and aims to unite the pro-gm community.

$GM is the ERC20 token on the Ethereum network representing the GM WAGMI community and everything it stands for.
Per the website, saying good morning is not just about uttering those two words. Instead, it is a worldwide movement to unite people in a supportive environment through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  The GM WAGMI project was launched in early November 2021.

How Does GM WAGMI Work?

On the surface, there may not be much utility or use for $GM WAGMI, even though it has a deeper meaning. The term "gm" refers to good morning, a term commonly used among cryptocurrency enthusiasts across social media platforms, more specifically on Twitter — or crypto twitter (CT). The objective of using "gm" is to create an optimistic global community and start off one's day in a good way.

However, for GM WAGMI, "gm" is more than "good morning". Instead, it means community, and community means family. That is also why it is the first-ever good morning token with a 100% fair launch without presale, whitelisting, or founder tokens.

While the token is gaining tremendous momentum and popularity, its use cases remain incredibly limited today. Additionally, the GM WAGMI concept has spawned various "clone projects" trying to capitalize on the hype and momentum this project brings to the table.

$GM has launched on Uniswap on Nov. 8, 2021. In less than a month, it has been listed on seven other exchanges, including major ones like OKEx, Bybit, Gate.io and

There are over 14,000 token holders and GM has a maximum total supply of one quadrillion $GM.

More details can be found on the official whitepaper here.

What Makes GM WAGMI Unique?

While $GM may seem like another meme token, it offers a few exciting opportunities for the future. More specifically, its community members see unprecedented marketing potential. Indeed, the main investment thesis seems to revolve around the wide community of people saying "GM" and the role of $GM as the social and cultural token.

You can find the term "gm" worldwide and it has the potential to create a global sense of community among like-minded people.

It is also intriguing how the term "gm" was in so many people's minds and vocabularies well before the ERC-20 token was created. It doesn't require people to "retrain their brain" to get the marketing message across. Instead, everyone saying "gm" on social media brings attention to GM WAGMI, whether they know it or not.

Even Snoop Dogg, behind the pseudonymous NFT collector known for his astute NFT investments, is bullish on gm tokens.

Some community members expect $GM to become a "good morning tokens" asset class. Although the world may not have much need for that asset class, it is an intricate idea. Thanks to various influencers, there is a lot of momentum behind this project, but utility-wise, it is no different from most meme tokens on the market today.
However, it seems the GM WAGMI team intends to release an NFT collection in the future. Not much is known about this effort so far, although non-fungible tokens are in high demand among traders and speculators these days. It may bring more short-term appeal to $GM, but there is no sign of long-term real-world utility yet.

What Are People Saying About This Project?

The $GM movement is strong on social media, primarily Twitter and Telegram. There are various opinions on the token and the broader project it represents. Some even go as far as claiming there will be a massive pump, similar to what Shiba Inu went through earlier this year. Whether that will happen within the next two months is a matter of debate, although the idea seems to attract a few fans.

The $GM price went up by 10,000% in under 48 hours earlier in November. That is not entirely abnormal for new crypto assets, even though the current has retraced by over 55% from its all-time high ever since. It is still trading at over 1100% above its all-time low value, which may spark even more discussions on how the price will "explode" shortly.

On Twitter, people now use the $GM cashlet to greet one another, rather than saying "gm". That is part of the viral aspect this currency may have, as it will stick in people's minds rather quickly. However, it is unclear if anyone outside of the crypto industry will "adopt" this greeting or even grasp why it is a thing. However, if GM WAGMI can keep growing the community, that situation may change.

YouTube also has various videos on the $GM token and the GM WAGMI project. These are primarily made by influencers or people who hold the token and aim to fuel a price run of sorts. 

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