Countries Which Allow Cryptocurrency As Legal Tender

Below we list the countries and regions that have passed legislation to enable cryptocurrency to be used as legal tender. We also have a game for you to guess which country will be next to pass their own laws.

Countries with Crypto as a Legal Tender

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Predict the country / region you think will be next to make crypto legal. You have up to 3 votes

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Place 3 predictions which countries will have crypto as legal tender and get 10 Diamonds.

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If one of your predictions is correct, you will get 50 extra Diamonds!

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About our Campaign

The reason we are adding a legal tender section to CoinMarketCap is simple. We are seeing huge growth in crypto adoption around the world — just in 2021, El Salvador announced that Bitcoin is legal tender within the country.

The campaign will reset as soon as another country follows suit and makes a cryptocurrency legal tender!

You can find more information under our terms & conditions.