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Statistici Elastos
Capitalizare de piață


RON 129,469,059
Volum (24h)


RON 3,799,582
Volum/Capitalizarea pieței (24 ore)
Stoc circulant
20,346,868 ELA
Stoc total
24,940,212 ELA
Stoc maxim
28,220,000 ELA
Capitalizare de piață complet diluată
RON 179,566,545
Convertorul ELA în RON
Performanța prețului
Nivel record
Feb 24, 2018 (6 years ago)
Minim istoric
Jan 03, 2023 (a year ago)
Vezi istoricul datelor
În listele urmărite23,926x
1127th / 8.9K
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Știri Elastos


Despre Elastos

What Is Elastos (ELA)?

Elastos aims to be a blockchain-powered version of the internet. The project originates all the way back to the year 2000; however, the current version that is based on blockchain technology and has been in active development by Elastos was founded in June of 2017.

The team behind the project genuinely believe that Ethereum, as well as DApp platforms, face limitations in scaling. While they are great for smart contracts, they are slow, not flexible at all, and inconvenient for full applications, according to Elastos. Elastos is a platform for decentralized apps, or DApps for short, that claims to solve many of these limitations.

With Elastos, aside from the fact that you gain full ownership over your digital assets, you do not have to access the internet in order to run DApps. All DApps will run on the Smart Web. The idea behind this Smart Web is to protect you from malware and other digital attacks that expose you to data theft. The platform is extremely optimized for mobile and you can run network DApps on every operating system out there.

Who Are the Founders of Elastos?

What Makes Elastos Unique?

How Many Elastos (ELA) Coins Are There in Circulation?

How Is the Elastos Network Secured?

Where Can You Buy Elastos (ELA)?

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