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Over Blofin

What Is BloFin?

BloFin is a secure and cryptocurrency centralized exchange (CEX) that offers the best services for perps & futures trading with an extensive selection of over 300 USDT-M perpetual contracts. Aside from derivatives trading products, BloFin now provides more high-quality services including spot trading, copy trading, earning, API, and more. 

BloFin prioritizes user trust and platform transparency above all else all users' funds on our platform. BloFin is committed to prioritizing user fund security by partnering with Fireblocks to safeguard users' assets and providing insurance coverage for potential crypto-related incidents and we continue to shape the future of crypto trading.

Who Founded BloFin?

Matt founded BloFin in September 2019 and TokenInsight in March 2018. Matt joined a renowned US VC firm on Sandhill Road in 2013. He engaged in investments and portfolio management of the world's top-tier companies, including Twitch and Unity. In 2020, he was honored "Top 100 Influencers in Blockchain" by Cointelegraph. BloFin exchange was founded to remodel the conventional CEX-user relationship and provide users with safe, reliable, and efficient services and trading experiences.

Where Is BloFin Located?

BloFin is a globalized company providing digital currency services, with offices located in Asia, Europe, and South America.

BloFin Restricted Countries

According to the laws and regulations of countries and regions, BloFin services are not available to residents of the following countries or regions:

What Cryptos Are Supported on BloFin?

BloFin now supports over 300 trading pairs of USDT-M perpetual contracts. The platform supports the most popular cryptos, including BTC, ETH, XRP, SOL, TRX, DOGE, ADA, etc.

What Is BloFin Fee Schedule?

BloFin provides trading fee tiers for different VIP levels, including VIP 0, VIP 1, VIP 2, VIP 3, VIP 4, and VIP 5. Users can enjoy higher trading fee discounts accounting for different VIP levels. For VIP 0 level users, maker and taker fees are 0.10% for spot trading, and 0.06% (taker) and 0.02% (maker) fees for futures trading. For VIP 5-level users, spot trading fees are 0.0325% (taker) and 0.0100% (maker), and futures trading fees are 0.0350% (taker) and 0% (maker).

About BloFin Leverage or Margin Trading

BloFin provides derivatives trading with up to 150x leverage, available for BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and more perpetual contracts, and it supports isolated margin and cross margin.

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