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AirSwap AirSwap

$499 USD
0.06 BTC

AirSwap 정보

AirSwap describes itself as a decentralized, peer-to-peer token trading network powered by Ethereum. AirSwap aims to make the buying and selling of tokens secure, simple, and without fees. Its mission is to empower people with global, frictionless trade. AirSwap implements the Swap protocol and currently has three products: Instant, Spaces, and DexIndex.

활황 시장

# 통화 거래량(24시간) 가격 거래량(%) 카테고리 수수료 유형 업데이트
1 Dai DAI/ETH $462 $1.01 92.63% Spot No Fees 최근
2 Basic Attention Token BAT/ETH $37 $0.210764 7.39% Spot No Fees 최근
3 USD Coin USDC/ETH $25 $0.988482 4.95% Spot No Fees 62일 전

미인증 시장

# 거래량(24시간) 가격 업데이트
1 AST/ETH 2152.0 0.0001473 최근
2 ENJ/ETH 1800.0 0.00033099 최근
3 LIKE/ETH 100.0 1.727e-05 최근

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