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Tentang BitCoke

BitCoke is a Hong Kong-based exchange registered in the Cayman Islands. It launched in 2019, with derivatives as the main feature. After its inception, BitCoke also released spot market, earn, and cloud mining products.

As a few of its highlights, BitCoke has a high performance trading engine, superb liquidity, cold storage asset isolation and quanto swap, delivering the best derivative trading experience across the exchange industry.

Quanto swap enables you to choose BTC/ETH/USDT as margin to conveniently leverage trade and settle all contracts available, a combination of USDT and inverse contracts. In addition to Tradingview chart, BitCoke develops its own proprietary chart for professional leverage traders, and the Fund system enables the master account to perform asset management functions over affiliated subaccounts, like fund transfer, setting risk profiles, leverage, alert, etc.

BitCoke also support a simplified OTC-desk for fiat-crypto exchanges. With an OTC-desk, you can execute larger trades without any risk of “slippage”, The platform is not only available from desktop, you can now also access it via mobile. It is "multi-terminal", which means all of chart, positions, orders, layouts and drawings synchronized simultaneously across different portals.

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