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DTH Data Harga Penawaran

What is Dether?

A mobile app that lets you cash-in and cash-out cryptocurrency, with no fees taken by the company. Dether's app is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows anyone to buy crypto directly from other people nearby and spend it at physical stores located on the Dether map.

Anyone can now:

  • Create and use the Dether wallet to transact with individuals and shops that accept crypto.
  • Exchange ETH to ERC20 tokens and vice versa.
  • Find crypto buyers and sellers nearby via the Dether map.
  • Discuss trade conditions through the messaging application, Telegram, and schedule an appointment in order to make a transaction.
  • Make a successful transaction secured by Dether smart contract, and automatically obtain a better reputation!

What makes Dether Special? Decentralization

  • Decentralization is at the heart of our mission:
  • No funds are held by any external entity. There's no middleman between you and your funds.
  • We don't take any fees on the transactions.
  • The reputation system is decentralized and based on the user's participation in the ecosystem.
  • We don't have access to conversations between users.

What's the DTH use?

DTH tokens serve one main purpose, which is to ensure visibility on the Dether map. As a teller or a physical store, staking DTH Tokens is required in order to have visibility on the Dether map to buyers and to allow users to interact in more volumes. Users wishing to operate as sellers or shops must stake a minimum amount of DTH tokens for entry.

Dether's solution addresses millions of individuals and shops by enabling them to freely buy and sell crypto for cash. Users need to buy DTH tokens and stake them in order to be able to appear in the Dether ecosystem.