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Cardano Gold $CARGO - The 1st Store of Value on Cardano

$CARGO is a token on the Cardano blockchain with a very low total supply. Only 10,000,000 tokens were minted.

We burned the 10%, so the 9,000,000 $CARGO is a finite number of tokens that will ever exist.

The Concept and Philosophy

Cardano Gold has incorporated Satoshi’s initial vision with the emerging power of the Cardano blockchain.

Fair Launch

Cardano Gold $CARGO did not have private sales, pre-sales, ISPOs, IDOs. Cardano Gold is a community-driven project.


Cardano Gold $CARGO token will become a valuable, fully decentralized medium of exchange with the many use cases in the future. The NFTs will play an important role in the Cardano Gold ecosystem development process.

Cargo Miners CNFTs

Cargo Miners Utility CNFTs are “mining” 60% of the Cardano Gold $CARGO tokens total supply for 9 years!