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MST Élő árfolyamadatok

This project is an ICO created by a Hungarian Team of 8 people. We are collecting funds to develop a premium social media application where people can handle their daily tasks/interactions in one app.

Millionstarter will be the fuel to fuel the Q Ecosystem. Social Q will be an application that allows people to connect, meet, date and handle their finances in the Metaverse.

On Social Q, only verified users and companies can register. Hate speech and scammers that are tied to fake users, that harm millions of people per year will be a thing of the past. Abuse of identity will also no longer be existent with our platform.

This ecosystem will consist of more applications:

Q Social Network It is a decentralized, premium community / relationship-building network operated and benefited by the MST token owners. A community that is run by average people. No country or institution will have a say in the management of the site. There will be no excluded or banned profiles, nor disabled content. Premium community network for fully verified users.

Q Dating In addition to the social network, the concept of Social Q is made completely unique by the Date and Meet functions. The Date feature is the app’s dating interface, which is intended to provide an alternative to Tinder and similar known apps. Our artificial intelligence system, developed specifically for this purpose, will not give access to fake or deceptive users trying to get to know others by using someone else’s photo.

Q Protection Device protection that you can purchase with even cryptocurrency for your new or used devices. There is no need for detailed explanations, there are no rejections, and all this with quick administration processes. This is all based on a service introduced three years ago, which we will now also introduce globally. With only a few clicks online, you can connect your used or new device to our protection service

Phantom Chat It will be the encrypted messenger application part of the Social Q network, users will be able to send text, media or crypto through encrypted channels.