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12,944,569.14 VSTA
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100,000,000 VSTA
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100,000,000 VSTA
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Sep 16, 2022 (9 months ago)
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Jun 18, 2022 (a year ago)
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Acerca de Vesta Finance

Vesta Finance is a layer 2-first lending protocol that allows users to obtain maximum liquidity against their collateral without paying interest. Users can mint deposit collateral (currently ETH/renBTC/gOHM/GMX) to mint VST (Vesta Stable) - a USD-pegged stablecoin.

A couple more features of Vesta include: Low collateralization ratio: a user's collateral vault is required to be collateralized at a minimum collateralization ratio much lower than that from the competition (e.g. 110% for ETH, 110% for renBTC, and 175% for gOHM). Immediately redeemable: VST holders can redeem their VST stablecoins for the underlying collateral at any time. The redemption mechanism along with algorithmically adjusted fees guarantee a minimum stablecoin value of 1 USD. Community-oriented tokenomics: 50%+ of the governance token (VSTA) supply will be distributed to the community. Governable: parameters in the system, such as minting fees, liquidation fees, and liquidation incentives will be modifiable by governance. We are going to heavily expand into the NEAR ecosystem. Our immediate plan is to deploy onto Aurora in as soon as the next couple of weeks, given our partnership with Bastion. We are hiring Rust engineers and will deploy onto native Near within six months. We aim to be the most widely used stablecoin in the Near ecosystem.

Vesta Finance is a collateralized debt platform. Users can lock up collateral and issue Vesta's stablecoin VST to their own Ethereum address, and subsequently transfer those tokens to any other Ethereum address. The individual collateralized debt positions are called vaults. The stablecoin tokens are economically geared towards maintaining value of 1 VST = $1 USD, due to the following properties: The system is designed to always be over-collateralized - the dollar value of the locked Ether exceeds the dollar value of the issued stablecoins. The stablecoins are fully redeemable - users can always swap $x worth of VST for $x worth of the underlying collateral (minus fees), directly with the system. The system algorithmically controls the generation of VST through a variable issuance fee. After opening a vault with some collateral, users may issue ("borrow") tokens such that the collateralization ratio of their vault remains above 110%. A user with $1000 worth of underlying collateral in a vault can issue up to 909.09 VST. The tokens are freely exchangeable - anyone with an Ethereum address can send or receive VST tokens, whether they have an open vault or not. The tokens are burned upon repayment of a vault's debt. The Vesta system regularly updates the price of the collateral against USD via a decentralized data feed. When a vault falls below a minimum collateralization ratio (MCR) of 110%, it is considered under-collateralized, and is vulnerable to liquidation.


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