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Suministro circulante auto reportado
600,000,000 PILADYS
Suministro total
1,000,000,000 PILADYS
Suministro máx.
1,000,000,000 PILADYS

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Acerca de Milady PI

Milady Pi (PILADYS) is where beauty and technology merge in perfect harmony. It's more than just a simple meme token, it's a revolution on the Binance Smart Chain. With PILADYS, we're making waves in the world of cryptocurrencies, combining art, technology, and the number π, with tangible utility meme tokens.

Moreover, we are proud to announce that Milady Pi holders will not only have exclusive access to purchase our unique NFTs but will also have the opportunity to participate in our staking program. This program will allow our holders to lock their PILADYS tokens and earn additional rewards for their loyalty and trust in our project.

To celebrate major milestones and special events, such as the Bitcoin Halving, we will carry out token burns. This will help reduce the circulating supply and potentially increase the value of the PILADYS tokens.

Stay alert on our social networks for more details about these exciting developments!