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LYOPAY is a fintech organization managed by DIGILYO APP LTD, with the administrative office in Hong Kong and we have operational offices in more than 7 countries. You can access the LYOPAY ecosystem through more than 14 platforms that connect users to technological tools in an intuitive and simple way. These provide users with the ability to transact, store and use cryptocurrencies in a scalable way to promote your company ecosystem. LYOPAY aims to:

• Promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies • Act as the bridge between the fiat and cryptocurrency worlds in a legal and safe manner • Provide easy access for newcomers to cryptocurrency, all with just one complete Ecosystem

LYOPAY is an ecosystem that combines different services from many financial partners located in different countries, enabling faster global expansion in 14 different platforms. The main project is to build an ecosystem that encompasses primary payment services and extends to tools for professional trading, travel booking, a launchpad page and other services that will be expounded later in this document.

By incorporating several services also issued by third parties, LYOPAY falls into the category of an ecosystem. It is a new approach to an all-in-one experience ecosystem of services and tools, delivered via in-house technology and through third-party integration.

The idea behind an ecosystem is to satisfy the need to connect consumers and retailers, enabling them to efficiently conduct transactions. In addition, they also offer a single account with multiple functions, so that a person can use the same ecosystem for most or all of these services. It is a strategy that companies have for the resources to expand into more fields.

LYOPAY operates in compliance with KYC, AML, and European General Data Protection compliance and regulations. Thanks to this, LYOPAY’s operations take place in total transparency with respect to the institutions that regulate payment flows, and safety towards customers and their funds. The service providers that LYOPAY relies on have the proper license to operate, as well as the partners who issue the products that will be available in the LYOPAY portal.

The purpose of LYO Credit is to create a token that fits into the LYOPAY ecosystem. LYO Credit tokens can be used to pay commissions and promote a community of users of the platform through currency rewards. LYO Credit (LYO) is based on the Binance Smart Chain protocol that is powered by Binance. The BEP-20 smart contract to facilitate transactions of the LYOPAY Ecosystem (LYO) and record balances of such credits in an account.


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