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Suministro en circulación
77,886,053 YAE
Suministro total
100,000,000 YAE
Suministro máx.
100,000,000 YAE

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Acerca de Cryptonovae

What Is Cryptonovae (YAE)?

Cryptonovae is a trading platform to seamlessly manage your digital assets across multiple exchanges, centralized and decentralized. YAE is an ERC20 based token providing holders with unique and innovative features. Cryptonovae Token (YAE) unleashes the power of a true utility token dedicated to its community where its unique burning mechanism is designed to reward users, whether they are traders, developers or holders.

How Many YAE Coins Are There in Circulation?

Who Are the Founders of Cryptonovae?

Where Can I Buy YAE Token?

YAE is the native utility token that is used for:

Cryptonovae includes: