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95,840,502 SRM
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100,000,000 SRM
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100,000,000 SRM
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Jul 10, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Key Features of SolareumChain:

~ First truly net zero sustainable blockchain utilizing off chain computing technology

~ Our Proof of Generation (PoG) & Proof of Hold (PoH) consensus algorithms validate & secure our Layer 1 blockchain. Unlike regular blockchains that use considerable amounts energy or green wash, PoG is a new consensus mechanism that verifies the generation of electricity rather than its consumption, making transactions secure and reaching a decentralized agreement.

~ Our cutting-edge PoG & PoH algorithms are patent pending, solidifying our commitment to innovation in Renewable Energy & Blockchain. Patent Pending status not only safeguards our intellectual property but also positions us as industry leaders, fostering trust & confidence.

~ Our unique business model marries two seemingly disparate concepts – blockchain technology and renewable energy. Our core values and the various components that constitute our dynamic business model: * Blockchain & Renewable Energy Integration * Hardware & Software Licenses * Corporate/Consumer SaaS * Blockchain Transaction Fees

In Summary, Solareum Offers:

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