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Αυτοαναφερόμενη κυκλοφορούσα προσφορά
6,120,000,000 MMT
Συνολική προσφορά
120,000,000,000 MMT
Μέγιστη προσφορά
120,000,000,000 MMT

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$MMT (Music Metaverse Token) is a new and cutting edge utility token focused around the music industry, and even more specifically around the live streaming industry. As the native token for leading live streaming application, Streamlive, MMT provides an avenue for compensation for users participating in the world’s first decentralized concert promotion platform. For the first time, Stream Live has digitally replicated the previously intangible aspect of being able to enjoy live music with a community. Stream Live is a music live-streaming platform accessible via web and mobile app that has become a major player in the industry since its founding in 2020. It has hosted well-known artists and attracted over 100,000 viewers to its concerts.

$MMT its native token with its "promote to earn" model is unique in that for the first time ever, any person can become a concert promoter without even having to leave the home. $MMT provides a pathway for the compensation of digital concert promoters in proportion to the fan base that those promoters bring to their digital concert halls to watch live streaming concerts and socialize simultaneously.

As a utility token, being a holder of $MMT comes with numerous benefits and rewards such as: Access to discounted concert tickets or early bird tickets (up to 90% discounts on real life concert tickets) Exclusive access to VIP experiences Special promotions or giveaways Access to exclusive merchandise Early access to new music releases or exclusive content from $MMT affiliated artists