What’s so special about TheForce.Trade NFT Platform?

We offer entertainment specific tokenisation services for game developers and TV/Film Content owners so that they can use blockchain to preserve those digital/virtual assets. Our platform also allows users to list, trade, stake, lend, and show off their NFTs

“Once a Gamer, Always a Gamer.”

Some research has been done to prove that gamers are gamers for life, but the problem is some game servers don’t last that long and game assets can be lost. So there goes the need to preserve game assets in a safe and long-lasting way, and the obvious answer is tokenise those assets into NFTs.

So we set out to build an entertainment specific platform with the following vision:

  • We will help game developers and TV/Film Content owners to tokenise their game assets or TV/Film contents on blockchain
  • Those NFTs can be listed, traded, staked or lent out to create more value for the holders
  • Our users will be able to access a wide range of on-chain games through our platform
  • FOC tokens will be used to purchase NFTs or in-game items in all the games

So how to Buy NFT on TheForce.Trade?

Here’s a tutorial based on our last NFT Mystery Box sale.

  1. Go to https://nft.theforce.trade/.
  2. Connect your wallet and select Binance Smart Chain (Tutorial for setting up Binance Smart Chain Network).

3. Click on view details.​

4. Choose 1 Box and click Buy Now.

5. Approve to spend your $FOC.

6. Confirm to spend the $FOC.​

7. Once you’ve paid, a window will pop up.

8. Click the card and you will see the card you get from opening the Mystery Box.