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TheForce TradeTheForce TradeTheForce TradeTheForce TradeTheForce Trade
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What is TheForce.Trade?

TheForce.Trade is a DeFi and NFT Value-Adding Platform that utilises community-elected tools and smart contracts to unlock the full value of DeFi and NFT assets. It is designed to solve the difficulties of DeFi and NFT investors in collecting and analysing information on different projects and mining pools.

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How to make easy passive income from TheForce.Trade DeFi?

Since we offer a one-click zero-fee auto-compounding feature through our DeFi app, all our users need to do is to get FOC tokens or the LP tokens from PancakeSwap, and then they can relax and wait for their deposited balance to grow automatically with time.

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What’s so special about TheForce.Trade NFT Platform?

We offer entertainment specific tokenisation services for game developers and TV/Film Content owners so that they can use blockchain to preserve those digital/virtual assets. Our platform also allows users to list, trade, stake, lend, and show off their NFTs

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