What is REVV?

The REVV token is an ERC-20 utility token that acts as the main currency for a number of game dApps developed by Animoca Brands. It powers REVV Motorsport, a blockchain gaming platform with real life Play To Earn gaming economy and officially licenced racing titles.

The Crypto Project That’s Shaking Up the World of Motorsport 

REVV, a utility token, is modernizing the worlds of motorsport and gaming — achieving higher levels of player engagement. Learn how it:

- Enhances blockchain games released about some of the world’s best-known brands, including Formula 1®, MotoGP™ and Formula E
- Eliminates some of the downsides associated with the gaming industry at present
- Allows you to win crypto and other prizes if you secure a place in coveted leaderboards through the Play-to-Earn model
- Delivers rare in-game assets that can be used across multiple titles, and different staking and staking like systems for expanded value

The world of Formula One is big business. It generates billions of dollars in revenue a year through races at more than 20 destinations around the world — from Melbourne to Monte Carlo, and from Silverstone to Sochi.

Estimates suggest that there were 433 million viewers of Formula 1® races on television in 2020, a stark contrast to the 515 million seen in 2010. But this doesn’t mean that interest in this high-octane sport is waning, it just means that a wave of younger fans is increasingly getting their fix through the internet.

One of the main challenges for sporting brands is keeping levels of user engagement high. Team-branded merchandise ranging from caps to polo shirts prove popular, as do official video games that give players a chance to race on the same courses as their favorite drivers — competing in challenging Grands Prix™.

But here’s the problem: Players are beginning to expect more from their video games. Online play with like-minded rivals isn’t enough — they want to experience true ownership of the assets they accrue within a game, and have a chance to get their hands on rare assets that will make them the envy of the community. Digital ownership also comes with possibilities of earning and players are starting to expect to be compensated for their time spent on the games.

This is where REVV, a token built by blockchain-focused Animoca Brands, comes in. Animoca Brands has established official partnerships with titles such as Formula 1®, MotoGP™ and Formula E — and this REVV can be used across the game titles for these brands. REVV is also going to serve as the core currency for many other titles in the future, such as the game title for REVV Motorsport platform itself.

All of this has the opportunity to transform the way we play racing games at home, and make us feel more connected and invested in motorsport than ever before. REVV Motorsport platform is designed to:

- Offer game content in the form of NFTs, including cars and drivers, giving you a true sense of ownership

- The ability to enhance these NFTs through upgrades. Drivers can be upgraded with gear including suits, helmets, gloves and boots — while available car parts include turbochargers, suspension and tires. Different gameplay experiences will be available for different titles.

- Regularly provide tournaments where you can compete against other players, with those at the top of the leaderboard getting a chance to win REVV and other prizes.

So: Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into what the next generation of gaming looks like with REVV!

How to get your hands on REVV

Before you can get racing on F1® Delta Time, you need to make sure that you’ve set up a crypto wallet and have enough REVV to cover the cost of getting your very first car. Right now you will also need some ETH for transaction fees, although all of the titles here are in the progress of moving to other chains such as Polygon and Flow with easier fee structure.

This is a relatively straightforward process — even for someone who hasn’t necessarily used cryptocurrency before.

A number of crypto wallets are supported by REVV and the games it appears in, but you could argue that the most popular (and simplest to use) is MetaMask. This wallet acts as an extension to your Chrome browser, meaning that you’ll easily be able to use it across multiple websites.

Once you’ve downloaded  MetaMask’s from the official page (please check carefully as phishing sites do exist) the first stage is to set up a new wallet. You’ll be given a seed phrase to write down, and it’s really important that you keep these 12 words secure and in the right order. They help protect the cryptocurrency in your account and ensure it can be retrieved. Never give this phrase or your private key to anybody else.

From here, it’s time to top up your account with Ether. You can either use MetaMask’s private partners to make a purchase using a debit card, or transfer ETH from a crypto exchange like Binance and Coinbase through a QR code.

It can take up to 10 minutes for your ETH to land in your account, and that’s because the transaction needs to be confirmed on the blockchain.

Once your account is topped up, it’s time to do a swap — converting your ETH into REVV. All you need to do is select these two assets from the dropdown menus provided by your MetaMask wallet. If you’re happy with everything, hit the blue Review Swap button. (Do remember that you’ll need to account for gas fees so keep some ETH in your wallet as well. At times, completing transfers on the Ethereum blockchain can be pretty expensive to say the least, which is one of the reasons why the REVV Motorsport platform is moving to other chains as well.)

Last but not least, you’ll get a message confirming that the REVV has been added to your MetaMask account.

How to start using REVV in F1® Delta Time

With all of the formalities out of the way, you’ll want to start racing! Let’s use F1® Delta Time, just one of the games that’s supported by REVV, as an example.

First up, you’ll need to go to the F1® Delta Time website and create an account or you can select the option to add your MetaMask wallet, keeping in mind that clickin “create account” button would create a separate wallet. Last but not least, add your email address and choose a username.


In order to start racing, you’ll need a car, a driver and a set of tyres from the same season. For that, it’s time to go over to NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, where a range of crypto collectibles are offered. Depending on your budget, you can go for specific racers, vehicles and accessories.

Whereas REVV is a fungible token, meaning that these coins can be used interchangeably, non-fungible tokens are unique, which can make them also highly valuable. They have differing degrees of rarity, meaning that some are going to be worth more than others.

In order to get started, we’ve purchased a Common tier crate that features at least one Rare and four Common crypto collectibles — one of which will be either a car or driver.

Once the purchase is complete, we can open it up to see what goodies from the 2020 season we have unlocked. Success! We got a rare riptide driver, a rear wing, gloves, hard tires and a power unit. We went back to OpenSea in order to purchase a Shutdown Car using REVV, and now we are off to the races.

On the F1® Delta Time website, you can equip your team by selecting the car, driver and accessories (make sure you don’t forget your tires!)

You can then put your configuration of car, driver and accessories to the test in time trials against other gamers. 

A total of four tiers are offered, with a different race taking place every day. This means you could be performing at Japan’s Suzuka International Racing Course on Monday, and Great Britain’s Silverstone Circuit on Tuesday. Tailoring your team’s equipment and attributes to each course and weather type can be vital for shaving off the seconds and getting the best results. There is one free Time Trial play per day, but you’ll need to purchase additional credits using the REVV token in order to race— and generally, one entry into a competition costs about 10 REVV.

Now that we are familiars with the basics of the Time Trial mini game, and the process of purchasing NFTs and credits, it’s time for a deep dive into the  bigger competitions like Grand Prix™ and the overall exciting world of play to earn… something that is set to transform the future of gameplay indelibly.

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- MotoGP™ Ignition Twitter: https://twitter.com/MotoGPIgnition
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