What is Perpetual Protocol?

On Perpetual Protocol, you can trade perpetual contracts with up to 10x leverage. And because it’s a DEX, you maintain control of your funds at all times. Visit perp.fi to learn more, or start trading at perp.exchange.

Perpetual Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol for trading derivatives called perpetual contracts. Buying and selling perpetual contracts lets you go long or short on virtually any liquid asset. By being 100% on-chain, Perpetual Protocol aims to make these powerful financial tools available to all. 

Under the hood, Perpetual Protocol utilizes Uniswap v3 as the execution layer to provide perpetual swaps with highly efficient concentrated liquidity. Put another way - each perpetual market created and controlled by Perpetual Protocol is a distinct Uniswap v3 pool and users can only interact with this pool through the Perpetual Protocol clearinghouse, the smart contract that keeps track of trading activities.