How to trade on Perpetual Protocol?

Trading on Perpetual Protocol is easy. The only thing you need is a cryptocurrency wallet with some ETH and USDC. Visit perp.exchange to start trading or watch the video to learn how to trade on the protocol.

Firstly, composability. Perpetual Protocol utilizes Uniswap v3 to facilitate trades between traders and makers, hence it’s easier to integrate with other protocols, especially those built around Uniswap v3. For instance, dHEDGE, the leading decentralized asset management protocol, will integrate with Perpetual Protocol, allowing its fund managers access to leverage on the long and short side. 

Secondly, accessibility. There are multiple ways to access the protocol - you can do it via perp.exchange, run a lite web UI on your own computer, use third-party venues that integrate with the protocol, or interact with the smart contracts via block explorer or programmatically. In other words, there are always ways for you to access the protocol even if the main site is down.

Lastly, a feature known as “permissionless market creation”. Soon anyone will be able to create new perpetual markets and get a cut of transaction fees. This will allow the protocol to scale and expand to offer perpetual contracts for virtually any liquid asset.