What is a MOMO & NFT interoperability

The NFTs on the MOBOX platform are called MOMOs. They are gained through blind boxes and the basis for GameFi: Free to Play, Play to Earn. MOMO NFTs can be traded, used to farm MBOX tokens and at the same time used throughout all MBOX platform games.

While MOBOX takes a different approach to DeFi than everyone else, MOBOX’s aim was not to compete with the other great projects out there and create another SWAP or AMM. So what MOBOX has done instead is integrate PancakeSwap into its ecosystem, so users can swap and stake all in the one place making MOBOX a one stop shop.

DeFi users can take advantage of optimized yield farming; you simply stake your coins in one of the many pools that the MOBOX platform offers. While you have your tokens staked in the pool you will enjoy optimized yield farming which will auto compound your deposits and increase your overall initial LP deposit, giving you a higher yield.

On top of the optimized yield farming users will also gain KEY (BEP20) token/s through staking their LP tokens or Single tokens in the CRATES section of the platform. The KEY/s you have earned from staking in the CRATES is an added bonus. The KEYs can then be used to unlock a CHEST and the user will receive a random unique NFT through a blind box system.

The NFTs on the MOBOX platform are called MOMOs. These NFT’s are minted through the opening of chests using the KEY token (BEP20 Token).

If you have been lucky enough to win a KEY from the CMC Learn Crypto Campaign, you can view an article HERE on how to unlock a Key.

The NFTs have different qualities from common, uncommon, unique, rare, epic, and legendary. The MOMO NFTs use the BRC1155 and BRC721 standards. 

Each MOMO that is minted on the blockchain has a unique hashpower at the time of the minting and according to the hashpower the MOMO’s will mine theMBOX Governance token.

With NFT Interoperability this provides even more utility for the MOMO NFTs where they can be used on the MOBOX platform or across other MOBOX partner platforms. MOBOX has also increased utility for partner NFTs by integrating them into the MOBOX platform showing true interoperability. For example, PancakeSwap Profile NFTs can be used throughout all the games on the MOBOX platform without unstaking from PancakeSwap.

While MOBOX is the frontier when it comes to gaming and yield farming on BSC the team will also build a NFT bridge between BSC, ETH & TRX.

MOBOX offers a range of products such as optimized yield farming and NFT Games such as Token Master. Users also have the ability to earn MBOX tokens through a range of games offered in TradeAction. There are currently 3 games offered in TradeAction ( SimpleTrade, Bull vs Bear & LeverageMania) these 3 games are completely free to join where users can have fun, learn about trading and earn MBOX tokens.