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Play and Earn with MOMO Token Master, a casual NFT idle game. Rob your friends and foes and collect as much gold as possible. Get ranked on the Leaderboard and gain MBOX tokens. Experience the new gaming revolution!

The MOBOX Platform experience kicks off as soon as you enter MOBOX.io

To kickstart your MOBOX experience you're entering the MOBOX Crates section, this section here is where it all starts. CRATES offers you a high yield optimized farming stake your LP’s (MBOX/BNB) from Pancake Swap or Single Pool tokens such as BNB, BUSD.. to earn a high yield. Not only will you earn a high yield on your deposits you will also in the process earn the MOBOX KEY token.

With this token you unlock the wonders of the MOMO NFT World! Where you NFT’s are put to work straight away and are mining the MBOX token but not only that, put your NFTs to work in our latest NFT GAME “ MOMO TOKEN MASTER”

Want to find out more? Then read on…….

MOMO Token Master is a casual NFT turn-based idle game. Rob your friends and foes and collect as much gold as possible.

MOMO Token Master is set in Season, each season lasts 1 week (7 days). Players are rewarded on 3 leaderboards each season, each season the players are awarded with a total of 500,000 MBOX tokens.

MOBOX has given you 3 NFTs that you can play on Token Master, these 3 NFTs can only be used within the game, and they can not be sold on the Marketplace!

Are you ready to try MOMO TOKEN MASTER?

So you can experience MOMO Token Master first hand, simply follow the following steps and register!

1. Download the MOBOX wallet  and set it up with a new 12 word backup phrase, you can also import your Private Key from another wallet that you own.
Android: https://www.mobox.io/download/app-release.apk

2.Once you have done that stage simply follow the below process.
Go to -> ME -> Login-> Sign up Now -> Register with your E-mail

3. Now that you have registered, simply head over to User info as shown below Then Bind MOMO Address pick your BSC address (pick the one you want to participate in the event with) and then click confirm.

4. Now bind your BSC Wallet address as shown below

Once you have clicked on “Bind MOMO Address” another pop up will come up ( as shown above) click confirm, and now you are done!

Note: The steps above have been shown if you are using the MOBOX app. You can use another mobile dapp browser simply type in mobox.io and click on register and follow the prompts.

For the best experience on mobox.io  download the MOBOX Wallet:

Chrome Plugin: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mobox-wallet/fcckkdbjnoikooededlapcalpionmalo
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/mobox-wallet/id1545109501?l=en
Android: https://www.mobox.io/download/app-release.apk

Once you have set up your account and have registered.
You are ready to battle Token Master!

Have Fun !