How to use Crust storage?

This video will fully demonstrate the process of placing a storage order on the Crust network. It faces all users without a technical background and can use decentralized storage through simple operations.

This course teaches you how to place an order on the Crust network. It is divided into 6 steps.
1. Locate Crust Apps
2.Create an account on Crust Mainnet
3.Make sure you get Mainnet CRU to place the order
4.Find Storage order entry
5.Place the order
6.Download/Transfer your file

Now, without downloading IPFS desktop, you can also place and store orders directly on Crust Apps. We will continue to try to optimize the storage function to make the user experience more convenient storage. In addition, the bridge for ERC20 CRU conversion to Crust Mainnet will be opened soon. In the future, users can directly use this function to realize the claim of tokens.

Crust Mainnet Apps
ERC20 CRU claim to Crust Mainnet

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