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About the Chatex

What Is Chatex (CHTX)?

Chatex is a cryptobank designed to make crypto operations simple, secure and accessible for all kinds of users while keeping the functional advantage over traditional banking. Chatex is mainly available as a Telegram making Chatex UX/UI is universally familiar by its nature. There’s also an Android application for users that seek deeper engagement.

$CHTX is the Chatex native utility token that is used for:

  • Increase deposit APY%
  • Discount on trading fees
  • Increase farming APY%
  • Discount on withdrawal fees
  • Incentives on referral system
  • In-app governance

Chatex Cryptobank products that will be enhanced with the token include:

  • Chatex Smart Wallet allows to conveniently store and transfer funds with lower fees.
  • Chatex P2P Exchange is the simplest way to buy, sell and exchange crypto in seconds. The fees are also considerably lower for the $CHTX hodlers.
  • Chatex Savings is a CeFi-bridge between the regular crowd and passive income from DeFi. The gains are greatly boosted by those, who utilize $CHTX to the fullest.
  • Chatex Borrow is the quickest solution when it comes to borrowing or lending funds, made times as efficient with $CHTX.

How Many $CHTX Coins Are There in Circulation?

Total emission: 500, 000,000 Initial Supply: 37,400,000 (7,48%) Project valuation: $12 500 000

Chatex has launched a Token Sale that will last till September. There are 3 rounds:

  • SEED: 9,000,000 (1.8%). 15% at the TGE, 15% quarterly, 10% the last quarter;
  • Private: 78,200,000 (15.64%). 15% at the TGE, 15% quarterly, 10% the last quarter;
  • Public: 17,800,000 (3.56%). 15% at the TGE, 15% quarterly, 10% the last quarter;

Token liquidity support: One third of all fees generated will be used for an CHTX repurchase, until at least half of all CHTX is burned. Any CHTX bought this way will be burned.

Who Are the Founders of Chatex?

  • Vlad Bulochnikov is the flounder of Chatex. The idea would have never been born if not for his rich experience in the development of billing systems, banking software, the card back office, processing of VISA/MC payments, and the kiosk Payment Systems.

Back in the day, he witnessed the full potential of crypto. The great barrier of oversophistication that kept cryptocurrency popular within its niche was also obvious. The question of “Why didn’t someone simply made benefiting from crypto simple?” was unavoidable.

This idea became the main driving force behind Chatex. Ever since the first line of code, the Chatex team keeps pushing crypto products to the masses. This kind of progress has established what we now call a cryptobank.

With more than 350k users under its belt, Chatex has decided to breach the DeFi gatekeeping nature as well. Their next milestone is to use $CHTX to become the most lucrative cryptobank on top of being the most simple, secure and accessible.

Where Can I Buy $CHTX?

There are 3 public rounds of $CHTX Token Sale: