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Saying goodbye to the legacy block explorer

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Saying goodbye to the legacy block explorer


By Solar

2 months ago
4 mins read
Saying goodbye to the legacy block explorer

Saying goodbye to the legacy block explorer

Say hello to Solarscan: the latest addition to the Solar ecosystem!

The Solar Network mainnet was initially launched using open-source tools like a legacy block explorer and desktop wallet that were created by ARK Ecosystem. We’re grateful to our upstream colleagues for these public contributions that allowed us to grow this far; however, many hardcoded features proved difficult to adapt to the new and improved Solar Core codebase, which has been rapidly evolving since its inception. A redesigned wallet is planned for introduction later this year alongside Solar Core 5.0, but today, a brand new explorer takes the stage as we say goodbye to the legacy explorer.

Hello, Solarscan
It is important to note that Solarscan is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the Solar Blockchain Foundation. Solarscan is a brand new block explorer that is designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with Solar Core 5.0 later this year. This lets users easily track transactions, view the latest blocks and monitor network health in real-time. Solarscan is set to be updated in tandem with Solar Core 5.0 as it becomes more feature-complete, ensuring that you always have the latest and greatest features.
Experience the latest enhancements with Solarscan
Solarscan is built to revolutionise your experience with the Solar Network blockchain by offering exciting new enhancements and features.The wallet pages are personalised and provide a dynamic, immersive view of the mainnet and testnet blockchain. Real-time data is dynamically loaded and visible on every page, giving you immediate updates on your transactions and other important network activity. Solarscan has also adopted the terminology from Solar Core, making it easier to navigate and understand. With these powerful updates, Solarscan is the ultimate tool for exploring the Solar blockchain like never before.
A word from the Solarscan developer: alessiodf
Solarscan marks the first milestone on the path to Solar Core 5.0.With native support for fungible and non-fungible tokens and assets, real-time updates via Core’s WebSocket API layer and its lightning-fast SQLite3 database, it gives users a small glimpse into what Core 5.0 will bring later this year.

What you see now is just the beginning, as Solarscan is a living website that will be constantly updated with more features and services over time. It was rigorously tested by an army of 21 block producers who all provided useful feedback and ideas which will be taken on board for future updates. Every single block producer positively responded that they prefer Solarscan over the old legacy explorer, and I hope you will too. I’d like to personally thank those 21 block producers for their time, effort and help to test the product that the rest of the world gets to see today. So, *takes a deep breath*, thanks to acanthus, advin, arbaro, arktoshi, aurelion_sol, biz_classic, bfx, cactus1549, cams_yellow_jacket, crypticmaniac,, emsy, fnoufnou, kaos, kimchi, nybl, osrn, podushkin, sevi, sigma and sl33p! Phew!”

A few words from Solar Block Producers: bfx, fnoufnou & kimchi

“Solarscan has an innovative, easy-to-use graphical interface which presents the information you need in a logical and enticing way. It automatically updates this information on every page you visit, while allowing you to select when to update lists of blocks and transactions when you are searching through them. The experience of using this explorer is both intuitive and satisfying whether you are just getting started in the blockchain space or have been around for a longer time.”Block Producer bfx

“Solarscan is an immense improvement over the previous block explorer.And not just from a user experience perspective: the code itself is built extremely well. It is lean, clean and set up with security, privacy and resiliency at its core. This explorer is what Solar needs as it gets ready to take on the large third-generation blockchains of 2023 with the launch of Solar Core 5.0 later this year.”— Block Producer fnoufnou

“What stood out to me most was the snappy and real-time speed of everything.All relevant information updates without reloading the page. And of course the custom graphical elements that can be added by Block Producers such as avatars and banners.”— Block Producer kimchi

Multiple languages supported
Solarscan is multilingual and is initially available in English, Italian and Vietnamese. If you would like to translate Solarscan in your own language, please feel free to reach out in the community..
Discontinuing the legacy explorer
With the arrival of Solarscan, the legacy explorer previously managed by the Solar Blockchain Foundation will be retired with immediate effect. Users will be redirected to Solarscan to view blockchain data.

Click here to visit Solarscan.

Thank you for reading.

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