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SpaceShip /Pilot Staking Adjustment Notice

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SpaceShip /Pilot Staking Adjustment Notice


By X-Metaverse

6 months ago
3 mins read
SpaceShip /Pilot Staking Adjustment Notice

Dear X-Metaverse users, since the opening of X-Metaverse SpaceShip and pilot staking, we have received high recognition and active participation from the majority of community members. For the long-term stable development of the game ecology, to enhance community fairness and increase participation, after many rounds of exploration by core community members, we have decided to adjust the pre-requisites for SpaceShip /Pilot Staking staking to accommodate the community and market demand.

These adjustments will go into effect at 6:00AM UTC, December 12 2022. Keep reading to learn more about the factors that led to this change and how you can increase your XMETA rewards as soon as possible by continuing to be an active community member!

Adjustment information

We have adjusted the conditions of these two NFT as SpaceShip / Pilot Staking so that you need to stake at least one veXMETA in any DAO stake before you can execute an NFT stake to receive the proceeds before clicking on the NFT. We will determine whether you can participate in an NFT stake based on your real-time veXMETA stake at the time.


1. Staking veXMETA has a minimum retrieval time of 30 days.

2. veXMETA has a maximum APR of 168.98%.

3. There are 732K XMETA in the DAO bonus pool for all stake holders to divide this round.

4. After this adjustment takes effect, when you click to collect your reward and retrieve your last round or staked Space Battleship/Pilot NFT, it will not determine whether you have staked veXMETA or not.

5. When you have successfully staked Space Battleship/Pilot NFT and started to generate revenue, the current round of staking will continue to generate revenue, if you take out veXMETA, you will not be able to stake NFT again.

If you have already participated in DAO staking any pool of veXMETA, you will be able to stake your NFT as much as you want and get the super high yield of NFT+veXMETA staking, if you have not yet participated in veXMETA staking, you will not be able to have your pilot and battleship NFT join the staking to get the yield, here is the process of DAO staking, you can see more information about it here.

X-Metaverse will focus on improving the quality of games and ecology, continue to enhance players’ playing and earning experience and revenue, pay close attention to the risk of investment, launch more exciting content of P2E, create a more high-quality Gamefi game ecology, and realize more diversified and richer game applications.

About X-Metaverse

X-Metaverse is a blockchain 3D game that runs on Android, IOS and PC. All game contents and characters are based on Blockchain tokens and NFTs. X-Metaverse’s visuals and gameplay are inspired by Starcraft and Star Wars. Players will be immersed in the vast expanse of space, spending time cultivating different races, Upgrading ships, reaching more galaxies and collecting rare materials. The most exciting part is that you can earn cryptocurrency with other players through actions such as conquest, exploration, competition, mining, production, breeding and combat.

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