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Hong Kong Polytechnic University Now Accepting Applications to Study Masters in Blockchain Technology

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Hong Kong Polytechnic University Now Accepting Applications to Study Masters in Blockchain Technology


By BlockchainReporter

6 months ago
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Hong Kong Polytechnic University Now Accepting Applications to Study Masters in Blockchain Technology
The Hong Kong polytechnic university is now accepting applications for a Master of Science (MSc) degree in blockchain technology for its September 2023 intake. The program is the first ever MSc in Blockchain Technology (MScBT) in Hong Kong.

Details About The Degree

Categorized under the faculty of engineering and department of computing, the MSc in blockchain technology comes with a tuition fee of about 300,000 Hong Kong dollars.

The HK polytechnic university says, “It is designed for professionals proficient in blockchain and related technologies to analyze, design, implement and evaluate Fintech and other related systems, products and services.”

Per the entry details, the program provides students with the knowledge, support, and guidance needed to chase lifelong learning and development in both blockchain technology, Fintech, and other related disciplines.

Part of the program’s objective includes producing graduates with specialized knowledge in blockchain technology who can implement several key emerging technologies, such as blockchain technology, to solve real-world problems in the financial sector.

Speaking on some characteristics, the HK polytechnic university mentioned that the program offers a range of subjects on the design, development, and security of blockchain-based financial applications.

Additionally, the program comes with a flexible mode of study as it is available both full-time and part-time. The program is also claimed to be a bridging program for someone with little or no computing experience in academia.

Computing and computer science graduates interested in deepening their knowledge and professionalism in blockchain and related technologies are welcome to apply, according to HK polytechnic university.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Impacting the Adoption of Blockchain Technology

Founded in 1937 as the city’s first post-secondary technical institution, the Hong Kong polytechnic university has since been one step ahead of most universities when it comes to teaching blockchain technology. The university started the city’s first-degree program in blockchain four years ago.

Offering full-stack blockchain teaching, Its 22 blockchain related courses include titles such as Cryptography and Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and E-Payment, Blockchain and Smart Contract Security, and Distributed Ledger Technology.
In September, Coindesk ranked the university as the world’s best university in blockchain in 2022. Most of the lecturers and instructors in the university faculty teaching blockchain and related subjects are members or leaders of some of the prominent professional and industry organizations in the world, according to Coindesk.


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