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"The next bull run will begin with gaming because it’s where more user base will be created" - Exclusive conversation with Daiki, Director of Oasys, and Dominic, Head of Game Alliance

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"The next bull run will begin with gaming because it’s where more user base will be created" - Exclusive conversation with Daiki, Director of Oasys, and Dominic, Head of Game Alliance



6 months ago
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"The next bull run will begin with gaming because it’s where more user base will be created" - Exclusive conversation with Daiki, Director of Oasys, and Dominic, Head of Game Alliance

Oasys, a Singapore-based startup that’s building a blockchain for game developers, has attracted a list of household names in the gaming world, for example, Bandai, Sega, and Ubisoft, to be “validators” on its blockchain. We had a great conversation regarding Oasys’s current status and progress.

1. Please make some introductions of yourself and your projects.

Daiki, Director at Oasys:

I’m Daiki, director of Oasys. And currently, I’m in charge of everything in terms of operations at Oasys including fundraising. Previously I was involved with a crypto start-up trying to solve social problems by utilizing tokenomics and incentive technologies. Before entering the industry, I was doing consulting business. I worked at PCG for 5 years and at Deloitte for 7 years.

Dominic, Head of Game Alliance

I’m head of the Game Alliance of Oasys and in charge of game content and acquisition strategy. Before joining Oasys, I was doing investment banking based in Tokyo. But I’ve been in the crypto space as an investor and researcher since 2018. And since last year, I started advising some of the crypto startups. I was just fascinated by the whole industry and decided to make a full-time transition to crypto and joined Oasys.

2. What is Oasys basically?

Daiki, Director at Oasys:

We’re providing a public blockchain dedicated to gaming. The uniqueness lies in this multi-layered structure and our past experience as game developers for 4 years. We just want to build a blockchain with flexibility and security in mind. But at the same time, we want to provide high usability for gamers with zero gas fees.

Another point we can mention is our onboarding capability. This is based on our long-lasting relationship with those Japanese game developers. Even though the project only started half a year ago, our core members had a long relationship with them for more than 20 years.

Dominic, Head of Game Alliance:

Everything that we’re doing, including the chain architecture, partnerships selections, and resource allocations, are all based on bringing mass adoption of blockchain games.

3. For those projects who collabed with you guys, what resources could they provide for you to further develop your blockchain?

Dominic, Head of Game Alliance:

All of those gaming giants who are joining our ecosystem are already contributing from different angles. Some are introducing high-quality game studios they have invested in. Some are opening up their IPs for their first-ever blockchain games as a utility. We actually have announced the first blockchain games using SEGA IP, which is based on the 3 Kingdom game that has existed before. We have more coming up.

The biggest advocates of our ecosystem where they collaborate with us on various marketing efforts. The latest case could be the game pitch events that took place in Tokyo. Those partners did not only co-host the events but also participated as a judge from the perspective of a potential investor or collaborator. We’ve seen some projects who have shown excellent performance and started building a healthy direct relationship with those giants or small startups. Those gaming giant partners are willing and able to support the growth and development through sharing their knowledge and other resources.

4. Let’s talk about some tech stuff. What’s the biggest challenge for the blockchain developers when they try to adapt to the ecosystem, like low transaction fees?

Daiki, Director at Oasys:

To roll up from L2 to L1, the gas fee is paid by verse builders, not the users. So that’s why users can play for free on our chain.

We noticed that the blockchain games are currently in the invention phase. What is important is not how big the development budget is but the invention of new unique mechanisms for blockchain games.

Dominic, Head of Game Alliance:

There’re various problems when it comes to indie game developers, including financial resources and funding debts. Many existing blockchains are just generic networks for general purposes and there aren’t many game-dedicated ecosystems or blockchains, which take the gaming experience into consideration when they designed their blockchains architecture. And that’s what we’re providing.

We also not only aim at big companies, but also small gaming startups, which in turn form a giant global gaming alliance. As a result, giants can work closely with smaller studios.

5. For developers, what are the differentiations for Oasys on the architecture level?

Dominic, Head of Game Alliance:

First of all, we are EVM compatible which is friendly to a large portion of blockchain developers. We also provide options for them to build their own layer 2. This gives Web 2 game companies another option to become a publisher. That’s one of the most attractive elements of Oasys architecture.

It’s also important to mention that we have particular token features:

  1. Our native token to be minted and generated on our layer 1, can be bridged to other chains and deposited into our layer 2
  2. Free tokens are only allowed on layer 2, and they give developers the optionality to design their tokenomics and serve as utility tokens
  3. VNFTs for IP holders to control their assets, legal compliance, and conduct KYC and AML (anti-money laundry) with ease.

6. What games are we expecting on Oasys?

Dominic, Head of Game Alliance:

We recently announced our first batch of games, many other games are very competitive and high qualities are lined up. We are targeting to launch at least 10 games by the end of 2022. Any genres of games are welcome onboard. We want to see the ecosystem to be diverse and all gamers can enjoy variety of games

7. Where do you foresee Oasys’s position in Web 3 gaming in the future?

Daiki, Director at Oasys:

We are in the stage between the invention phase and mass adoption phase, I see Oasys now as the bridge. But moving forward, I believe blockchain is an incentive technology that could extend the current concept of games. There is a possibility to create a movement with the public to solve social problems. With the game titles we are planning to release in the near future, there will be some social features.

Daiki, Director at Oasys:

My job is talking to all the game companies all day, every day, listening to their business model and providing feedback. I have observed three trends through those intensive conversations.

  1. Free-to-Play, gamers don’t need to buy NFTs to begin the game. This puts developers in a better position to acquire large numbers of users, instead of just focusing on crypto natives that are not even around a million in size.
  2. Fun-to-play, Web 3 games have been lost in that concept and now are revisiting the basic element
  3. Various infrastructures are in place to onboard Web 2 gamers to Web 3, with a seamless transition through setting up wallets with just emails or social accounts and purchasing NFTs or tokens with credit card or bank transfer.

The next bull run will begin with gaming because it’s where more user base will be created. Oasys is leading this trend by onboarding fun, innovative and next generation games along with our infra where web 2 users can start using blockchain without knowing its blockchain.

8. We, at CARV, are building a player-owned identity system that enables players to record their achievements and monetize on that. What is your take on game identity and what does it mean for gamers to own their achievements, what are some potential use cases?

Daiki, Director at Oasys:

Oasys is built on the concept of the multiverse. It is important that users can use the same identity across the verses, and this is also why we are collaborating with you and hope we can move forward to the next stage. We envision that not only user ID, but also the NFT itself can be utilized in more verses. We are working with game developers around the world that might consider NFT standards for blockchain games in the future.

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9. How do you plan to sustain the projects?

Daiki, Director at Oasys:

For now, at the beginning, we completed a fundraising of 20M in July, and this amount of money is enough for us to run the project for 6 years. During these years, we are planning to make the project a decentralized organization. Financially, we are good to go. As for the decentralization side, at this stage, we are running the project in a very centralized manner, but we will be delegating decision-making to the community in the future.

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