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Wombex November + aBNBc attack recap

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Wombex November + aBNBc attack recap

Wombex Finance

By Wombex Finance

2 months ago
5 mins read
Wombex November + aBNBc attack recap

It’s time to dig into Wombex stats

Wombex stats: November recap

TVL and overall stats

November started great for Wombex: TVL approached an all time high of $108m (including veWOM). However, after FTX crash a more than $50m of liquidity was pulled out:

The big amount of withdrawals in a short time triggered Wombex APR calculation algorithm and it resulted in solid APR growth, reaching 22-25% in fully liquid tokens.

Data for BUSD pool is presented below. WOM APR reached~10% + around 15% was granted in WMX tokens:

Other pools APRs demonstrated the same behaviour. Due to this feature in rewards distribution, TVL was attracted back organically, surpassing $100m on 30 of November.

After TVL gain, Wombex returned back to top10 BNB chain ranking:

WOM Wars and veWOM accumulated

Talking about WOM Wars, Wombex is confidently leading the race with 37% of veWOM locked:

Wombex competitors, Magpie and Quoll have 27% and 17% respectively.

Over a month Wombex acquired ~500k of WOM into Wombex-owned veWOM and almost approached 12m veWOM locked:

Note, that current wmxWOM staking APR is 88%.

WMX token

Recently we released an updated dashboard for WMX token. Currently, there is 7.88m WMX in circulation with 52m WMX total token supply (the majority of it is vested for now and cannot be released):

WMX inflation comes mainly from the WMX pro-rata emission (rewards for LPs issued pro-rata based on mined WOM), PancakeSwap IFO unlocks and Syrup Pool.

November was also great for vlWMX: more than 1.5m WMX was locked so far. It is almost 50% from total November WMX inflation!

Note that now vlWMX generates ~60% APR.

Wombex user stats

Recently we created a dashboard with Wombex user stats:

Chart below shows daily active (unique) addresses interacting with Wombex contracts.

Last month there is around ~200 addresses per day actively interacting with the protocol (depositing/withdrawing liquidity, claiming rewards, staking wmxWOM, vlWMX, etc). Note that token transfers such as WMX/wmxWOM is not included in this statistics.

Wombex integrations and new tech features

One of recently added features allows users to acquire wmxWOM at WOM-wmxWOM Wombat pair with a discount due to the pair de-peg:

For users aiming to earn yield from wmxWOM staking it can be an efficient trick to manage their liquidity.


Wombex Finance is established its CoinMarketCap Community account to bring more info to the community. Check and give a follow.
Wombex Finance and $WMX are integrated to Guarda Wallet. Check the announcement.
Wombex Finance dApp is integrated with Safepal Wallet App to provide users more secure and easy access to Wombex without typing URLs. Check the announcement.
Wombex Finance is integrated to Stader,  we team-ed up with Stader to bring high yield opportunities to the community with $BNBx in liquid staking. Check the announcement.
Wombex Finance is integrated to BNBProject, BNBProject is the library of 1200+ BNB Chain projects, showing key info and stats about the projects. Check the announcement.
Wombex Finance is integrated to DappRadar to bring users more metrics. Check the announcement.
Wombex Finance is integrated to Math Wallet dApp Store. Check the announcement.
Wombex Finance is integrated to Defillama. Check the announcement.
Wombex Finance is live on DeBank Portfolios. Check the announcement.
Wombex Finance is announced as October Star of BNB Chain. Check the announcement.

aBNBc Ankr hack

Last night Ankr was hacked and attacker mined a lot of aBNBc and sold it to Wombat pair:

Due to it, all liquidity in other (BNB, BNBx, stkBNB) tokens was drained and now coverage ratio is 1% which means that all funds of LPs are lost. Also the attack affected HAY-BUSD pool since the attacker minted a lot of HAY using aBNBc printed from exploited contract.

It affected Wombat and Wombex even taking into account that this hack has nothing to do with our tech and security.

Wombex users hold around $10.7m TVL in BNB Pool and HAY-BUSD pool. Wombex team closed deposits in these pools after information about the hack was available. The scatter arrows on the first TVL detalization pic demonstrate all affected pool.

Wombex community activities

Wombex was pretty active with community activities in November. We conducted a lot of high-profile AMAs. The brief overview is presented below:

Spaces and AMAs

Wombex X Helio Money Telegram AMA

Date : 30th November, 2022 - 4pm UTC.

Topic : Discussion about the partnership between Wombex and Helio 

Read here.

Wombex and Safepal #DEFI Talks Spaces and AMA

Date : 22th November, 2022 - 4pm UTC

Topic : Samy K - Wombex Co-Founder and Veronica - Safepal CEO talked about DeFi Industry, current ecosystem conditions and self custody wallets and importance of it.

Listen to the recording here.

Wombex X Helio Money Spaces AMA

Date: 18th November, 2022 - 1pm UTC

Topic : Samy K - Wombex Co-Founder explained the Wombex and discussed with Helio Team about the partnership between two projects.

Listen to the recording here.

Wombex X BSC Times Twitter AMA

Date : 17th November, 2022 - 4pm UTC

Topic : Wombex official twitter account explained Wombex protocol and Wombat ecosystem in depth, and answered participants' questions.

You can read all the conversation starting from this tweet.

Wombex X ANKR and ANKR Staking Twitter Spaces AMA

Date: 16th November, 2022 - 5pm UTC

Topic: DeFi Composability and Yield Optimization

Listen to the recording here.

Wombex X BSCDaily Twitter Spaces AMA

Date: 10th November, 2022 - 4pm UTC

Topic: Samy K - Wombex Co-Founder explained about WOM Wars, Wombex, Wombat and current ecosystem situations and replied community questions.

Listen to the recording here.

Wombex X CryptoRand WOM Wars Discord AMA

Date: 10th November, 2022 - 2pm UTC

Topic: Wombex Finance participated to Crypto Rand Wom Wars AMA with Wombat Exchange, Magpie and Quoll Finance to explain community about WOM Wars and answered questions.

Read here in #wom-wars-ama channel.

Wombex X BSC News Twitter Spaces AMA

Date: 7th November, 2022 - 7pm UTC

Topic: Samy K - Wombex Co-Founder explained about Wombex, the Launch on Pancakeswap IFO, Community and Wombat Ecosystem, and Roadmap of Wombex. Answered participants questions during AMA.

Listen to the recording here.

Wombex Finance X pStake Finance Telegram AMA

Date: 31th October, 2022 - 4pm UTC

Topic: Wombex was a guest of pStake Finance community on Telegram, and there were many topics are explained about Wombex.

Read the recap here.

Campaigns & Airdrops

Wombex Bootstrap Event Penalty Airdrop

Check details and claim yours in here.

BSCDaily X Wombex Learn to Earn Event

We team-ed up with BSCDaily team to bring a learn to earn event with a $1000 Prize pool.

Check details in this tweet.

Wombex 1M WOM Mining Celebration Galxe Campaign

We celebrated one of our early milestones that 1M WOM mined on Wombat Exchange and initiated a Galxe Campaign to share with our community. We distributed 10K WMX to the winners.

Campaign details here.
Distribution details here.

Wombex X BNB Chain Ecosystem Explorer Campaign Distribution

We held an Ecosystem Explorer Campaign with BNB Chain to meet communities in BSC.

Rewards are distributed. Check the details here.

Wombex Retro-Drop for Eligible Users

Wombex completed a retro-drop for users who staked $wmxWom to the wrong contract at day 1 and couldn't restake to Bootstrap.
Check the details here.

Wombex Finance WOM Wars Bootstrap Event

Wombex Warriors enjoyed the Bootstrap Event in WOM Wars and the event has completed successfully.

Check the details here.


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