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Web3 Sports Prediction Game Maincard Goes Live on Mainnet Ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022

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Web3 Sports Prediction Game Maincard Goes Live on Mainnet Ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022


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6 months ago
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Web3 Sports Prediction Game Maincard Goes Live on Mainnet Ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022

The formal announcement of Maincard’s mainnet launch has been made. On November 19, one day before the beginning of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Web3 sports prediction game that is based on Polygon and powered by NFT became live. Fantasy sports are played on the Maincard platform, which is hosted on the Polygon network. The app gives users the ability to compete against one another by guessing the results of sporting events.

They can also earn incentives in the form of cryptocurrency or NFTs for their accurate forecasts. Just six months after its founders first conceived of the notion to hasten Web3 adoption through gaming, the application successfully released its mainnet after undergoing exhaustive testing. Maincard has high hopes that the cutting-edge game mechanics it has developed would contribute to the widespread adoption of Web3 by the world’s more than five billion sports lovers.

Reimagining The Web3 Gaming Space

Reimagining the Web3 gaming space, Maincard introduces a variety of new gameplay characteristics with each new level. Since the middle of September, the team has been running several testnets in order to confirm that the application is ready to be released. More than 14,000 people from 125 different countries have participated in the playtesting of Maincard.

Early backers of the project have already been compensated with Maincard NFTs, which are necessary in order to participate in the game, in recognition of the assistance they provided throughout the game’s development. The Maincard platform gives its users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies by accurately predicting the outcomes of sporting events.

Users are required to possess a Maincard NFT in order to participate in the game. Battle and Calls are the two different game modes available. Players cast their votes using their Maincard NFT in the Battle mode of the game to determine the winners of matches in a variety of sports. If you make the right guess, you will be rewarded with MainCoins, which, for the time being, are only usable within the game.

On the other hand, a number of exchanges plan to list MainCoins in the first quarter of 2023. For the time being, Maincard only offers support for a select few sports, including basketball, soccer, and League of Legends. On the other hand, the project intends to include other sports on a weekly basis. You can find additional information regarding Maincard’s gameplay by going to the project’s Medium post.

Offering A Diverse Gameplay With Crypto Prizes

The amount of MainCoins one receives for making accurate predictions is proportional to the rarity of the Maincard NFT that was utilized in the voting process. In addition, there are crypto rewards up for grabs every week for the top three players who have accumulated the most MainCoins. The prize for first place is 3,000 MATIC, the prize for second place is 2,000 MATIC, and the prize for third place is 1,000 MATIC.

The Maincard NFTs lose a life for every incorrect prediction they make. This may result in a reduction in the number of MainCoins that are awarded for making accurate calls. However, users can regain life by fixing their NFTs. In the mode known as Calls, participants compete against one another.

The mode comes with a significantly increased risk because it allows your opponent to remove your Maincard NFT if you make an incorrect guess and they make the correct one. The gameplay is made even more diverse by the inclusion of the opportunity to combine Maincards in order to produce NFTs with increased power. A card’s winning streak is increased by the number of consecutive correct predictions it makes.

When the player’s winning streak hits a predetermined milestone, they are allowed to combine two Maincards of the same type to create a new card with a higher level. Alternately, gamers have the option of purchasing Maincards with increased power from the application’s built-in marketplace.


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