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MetFi has recently migrated from their old contract to a new one. For more info visit here

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May 01, 2024 (20 days ago)
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MetFi has recently migrated from their old contract to a new one. For more info visit here

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За MetFi

MetFi is a decentralized investment vehicle for the masses - giving everyday people early-stage access to some of the world’s most promising Web3, Metaverse, and AI startups, long before the public knows about them – all profits are shared with the MetFi community.

MetFi is the investor, the incubator, the influencer, and the community rolled into one seamless experience - flipping the entire angel investor and venture capital model on its head by tightly aligning the desires of the project with all stakeholders so that everybody wins.

MetFi is the world’s 1st DeFi utility NFT ecosystem focused on investing in and incubating Metaverse, AI, and Web3 unicorns and it strives to become the world’s #1 Metaverse, AI, and Web3 incubator and share the returns with you.

MetFi sees Metaverse, AI, and Web3 projects through a corporate and institutional lens so MetFi incubates projects to that level by introducing them to its community and global network of advisors spanning multiple disciplines and verticals.

MetFi owns and controls its own liquidity, giving MetFi enormous flexibility to move swiftly on investment opportunities and adapt to prevailing market conditions.

MetFi DAO is 100% owned by its community of NFT holders and METFI token holders who vote on all significant matters affecting the DAOs direction – the community always comes first, now and forever!

MetFi conducted a fair launch – zero team tokens, zero presales, zero preminting – 100% funded by the community for the community.

MetFi was built for the people, not for an individual or company - you are invited to join us as we shape the Web3 world together.