Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts: NFTs And Coins?

Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts: NFTs And Coins?

9 месяцев назад

Celebrate Valentine's Day like a true crypto native by sending your loved ones some gifts in crypto and, of course, NFTs.

Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts: NFTs And Coins?


Valentine's Day is here, and you still don't have a gift for that special someone? Don't worry! There are countless last-minute gift options available that can save you fights and embarrassments. However, if your significant other is expecting to have their mind blown, this article is your savior. Flowers, chocolates, cakes, plushies are all old news…crypto is the new cool! Yes, you read that right. It's Valentine’s Day 2022, and cryptocurrency makes for the best, most mindboggling, and profitable gift for your love.

A study conducted by Self found that 84.6% of adults in the United States plan on buying a valentine's day present for their partner. It is estimated that for 2022, the annual Valentine's day spending would be around $24 billion. This makes Valentine's day a "billion-dollar industry," and what else is a billion-dollar industry? Cryptocurrency.
Considering its value as a multi-billion dollar industry, cryptocurrency is only going up, as more people are buying it every day. NFTs, another seemingly ridiculous yet genius region of the digital assets world, has quickly become a status and class staple in society. Much like diamond and gold, expensive valentine's day presents are valued as a symbol of class and luxury. Just like that, NFTs too have become an asset; and a status symbol.

For this very reason, more people are considering cryptocurrency and NFTs as a "meaningful" valentine's day present.

Bitcoin — Trade Some Love?!

When it comes to using cryptocurrency as an ultimate portrayal of love, why not use the ultimate cryptocurrency out there? Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, being the pioneer of blockchain and crypto industry. Considering its hefty price tag, Bitcoin has seen a remarkable performance on Valentine's day over the last 8 years. Keeping the numbers in sight, there is definitely potential there as no one would ever refuse to receive love in the form of Bitcoin. Over the years, Bitcoin has experienced steady price gains throughout February.

NFTs — The Best Love Tokens

In light of the NFT mania that this past year has seen, it is only reasonable to assume that NFTs would potentially become the most sought-after gifts to keep the relationship steamy. As everything is being tokenized, from graphic art to collections of Bored Apes, it is high time they get sold as presents. JPEGs that are specifically made for the occasion would make it even better. Quite some NFT websites are now looking into expanding towards holidays, tokenizing wish cards and love letters into sellable holiday-themed NFTs.

Mintmade — A Match Made in Blockchain

Remember when lovers carved their initials on trees and benches? Well, why carve it, when you can mint it? Located on the Polygon blockchain, Mintmade, a tokenization website, introduced Mintmade Two, a service that allows users to customize NFTs with their own name alongside their partner’s name. Once you mint a token with your and your partner's names on it, these special tokens can then be purchased on all wallets supporting the Polygon blockchain.

Much like the love lock, customized minted NFTs will stay on the blockchain forever, making love immortal. In one purchase, you get two minted NFTs, one for you, and one for your better half. Mintmade Two was launched in February 2022, making it Valentine's exclusive pop-up service. However, even after Feb. 14, it plans on staying up in order to allow anyone to make their own NFTs and put it up on the website.

The Valentine Coin

As the name suggests, The Valentine Coin is exclusively made for the day of the lover’s celebration. Much like Mintmade Two, the Valentine Coin acts as the forever padlock to keep you and your special one together for eternity. However, it is located on the Ethereum blockchain for 0.033 ETH, about $102 at the time of writing, which isn't too bad considering the millions of dollars crypto coins can often reach.

A unique aspect of The Valentine Coin is that it not only allows you to keep your name next to your lover's, but it also allows a special message to be associated with each coin. You can now keep a love letter embedded on the Ethereum blockchain forever.

After a series of mundane gifts like flowers, cupcakes, and chocolates, crypto could be a way to add some spark into your relationship, making it one of the better (read more valued) gifts you could possibly give to your loved ones this year.

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