What Is Tiki Token (TIKI)?
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What Is Tiki Token (TIKI)?

9 months ago

CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into Tiki Token (TIKI), a project that provides an auto-claim feature to TIKI holders where they are rewarded with BNB.

What Is Tiki Token (TIKI)?

Daftar Konten

TIKI is the next generation yield farm on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Holders of the Tiki Token (TIKI) are rewarded with $BNB, much like other tokens, such as HODL 2.0.

How Does Tiki Token (TIKI) Work?

Tiki Token (TIKI) does not work on the classic redistribution concept where a system encourages its token holders to HODL in order to benefit from transaction payouts - buys and sells. In such projects, the percentage of holdings in comparison to the current token balance and the number of holders are used to determine the redistribution.
On the other hand, BNB redistribution is done using the transaction charging mechanism where fees is collected from every single buy/sell order, and tokens are subsequently switched in real-time to BNB and put to a pool, as popularized by HODL 2.0 and GhostFace (similar to how liquidity pools work). Holders can then automatically claim the BNB coins earned in a particular period (daily, weekly, etc.). The amount of BNB they can earn is determined by their token holdings and the existing pool size.
Tiki Token does not follow the BNB redistribution method completely. Rather, it has added a unique auto-claim feature which is also the biggest selling point for this project.

TIKI Protocol - A Unique Feature Of Tiki Token (TIKI)

TIKI protocol is defined as the automation of BNB transfer in the wallets of TIKI holders. The way it works for holders is that they acquire Tiki Tokens (TIKI) and hold them. After every 60 minutes, the holders of Tiki Tokens (TIKI) get BNB in their wallet automatically. 
Manually claiming BNB is inconvenient for several reasons. Some of these include the efforts that are required to manually link a wallet to the website to acquire BNB. Plus, the user experience is compromised and holders have to go through additional steps to get their BNB rewards.

How Does The Tiki Token (TIKI) Contract Work?

The contract maintains a track of all token holders in an array and uses an index to operate it. Based on the transaction size, each transaction handles a specific number of users. TIKI follows the Dividend-Paying Token Standard, which implies that all profits will be distributed evenly among token holders. When a buyer is processed, the contract examines how many exchangeable dividends they have, and if that number is greater than the minimal level of auto-claims, the contract would either claim those dividends for BNB or purchase tokens back for them.
This method is entirely automated and does not charge the minimal gas fee based on the amount transmitted. The number of holders processed in each divided transaction is variable, depending on the transaction size. Dividends are paid to holders based on their place in the queue. It's a completely automated and a fair method. 
Note: To receive BNB dividends, a buyer must have a minimum token balance of 10,000 Tiki Tokens. 

Features Of Tiki Token (TIKI)

Price Regulator

Features like max tx on sales and price protection are enabled in the TIKI ecosystem. To avoid large one-time token sales from dramatically changing the token price, any transaction in which the seller tries to sell more than 0.1 percent of the total supply will be denied. 

Liquidity Is Locked

The project will keep the liquidity locked for at least six months, using a DXSALE as an intermediary, to ensure that the funds are secured until the end of the campaign.

Extra Sale Charge For Price Regulation

To avoid swing trading which can influence the price, Tiki Token has an additional 3% sale charge on top of the baseline 15% transaction cost to encourage holding and reduce pump/dump dynamics.

Contract Audit To Avoid Complications

The team of Tiki Token (TIKI) has acquired a top-tier audit with HASHEX, in order to improve transparency and assure security. The team’s primary goal is to make sure that no flaws are discovered including 
  • Transaction-Ordering Dependency 
  • Overflowing Integers & Underflowing Integers
  • Timestamp Dependency
  • Depth Assault on Callstack 
  • Parity Multisig Bug

Tiki Token (TIKI) Tokenomics

Tiki token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000. The token allocation for TIKI is as follows:
  • 48.8% will be allocated to the presale 
  • The team will receive 3.1% of the total supply
  • 38% of the total supply will be allocated to the Pancake listing
  • 5% each for marketing wallet and airdrop campaigns

Tiki Token (TIKI) Price

Tiki Token (TIKI) is now trading at $0.006684, as of August 16, 2021. Its 24-hour trading volume on exchanges is around USD $57,233.77.

When Will Tiki Token (TOKEN) Hit 1 Cent? 

As of August 16, 2021, Tiki Token (TOKEN) is trading at $0.006684. So far, the token's price has depreciated by about 2.49% in the past 24 hours. In the last few days, BNB has seen a spike in its price which may be a good reason to invest in Tiki Token. The price of Tiki is predicted to increase in correlation with BNB, however, this is not confirmed due to various volatility factors. Whether Tiki Token will hit 1 cent or not will be determined by the performance of BNB, the marketing efforts of Tiki Token’s team, plus crypto market volatility factors.
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