Unbanked refers to those that are either unable to access banking services, or choose not to.

What Does Unbanked Mean?

Unbanked refers to individuals who remain unable to access basic banking products and services, most of them coming from marginalized sectors of society, and, thus, rejected by traditional financial institutions for various reasons. The term “unbanked” also includes people who have chosen not to use banks or other traditional financial services.

In many cases, most of the unbanked are poor individuals who cannot afford nor fulfill the requirements of opening a bank account. Despite governments’ efforts in working on developing new financial products that can help reach out to unbanked populations through microfinancing and other methods, many banks continue to deny low-income customers for not having enough resources.

It is the collective goal of the crypto ecosystem to promote financial inclusion via digital assets, smart contracts, and other forms of blockchain technology. Bitcoin and DeFi projects are by far the most promising solution for the unbanked as they offer innovative new applications that mimic traditional financial products and services that are freely accessible to all.

How Can Crypto Help the Unbanked?

Crypto can help unbanked individuals by providing them with access to global financial services. It provides an alternative to traditional banking, which is often limited in terms of geographical access. This means users can access global financial services no matter where they are located. Additionally, crypto can help unbanked individuals by providing them with access to a range of financial services, including peer-to-peer payments, remittances and more. Crypto can also help unbanked individuals by giving them access to a range of investment opportunities, which can help them grow their wealth.

Is DeFi Good for the Unbanked?

DeFi can be very beneficial for the unbanked. It offers financial services to those who may not have access to traditional banking services. This includes access to lendingstaking and other services that can help the unbanked improve their financial situation. Additionally, DeFi can also provide greater access to capital, such as microloans and crypto-backed loans like Goldfinch