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CoinMarketCap Newsletter: June 4

Published on:
June 4, 2021

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CoinMarketCap Newsletter: June 4

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Today’s Top Crypto News Stories

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Google’s New Crypto Ad Policy: Nope!

Well, technically cryptocurrency exchanges and hosted wallets that are registered with the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Unit (FinCEN) or a federal or state-chartered bank regulator can advertise. If they’re recertified. As for coins, Google says DeFi, DApps and celebrity endorsers don’t need to bother. But you should, so read more here.

SEC, Crypto Agree Elon Musk is a Twitter Twit

The U.S. securities regulator has repeatedly accused Tesla’s CEO of violating his court ordered no-tweeting-without-adult-supervision agreement. Which basically matches what cryptocurrency investors have felt since his mid-May tweets knocked half the value off of Bitcoin. Dogecoin got whacked too, but he’s the reason it’s No. 6 by market cap. Retweet it here.

Digital Euro Needed for Stability, Central Bank Says

The European Central Bank has warned EU members that failing to create a digital euro could be a bad move. Citing international influence, market stability,and the need to keep Facebook out of Europe’s digital wallets, the institution said it’s time to go all CBDC. Anonymity will be a fight, however. See it here.

Kraken Rolls Out Mobile App

Kraken, one of the top U.S cryptocurrency exchanges, has rolled out a major new app it says is sleeker and simpler to use. A sister to its Kraken Pro app, it offers U.S. bank account connectivity, face and fingerprint recognition, and purchases as small as $10. It is available everywhere except Japan, New York, Washington state, and places and countries with international sanctions, wars, or both. Release the Kraken here!

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