What Is Starsharks? Features, Tokenomics and Roadmap
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What Is Starsharks? Features, Tokenomics and Roadmap

2 years ago

Starsharks is a shark-themed NFT GameFi ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain, with the goal of enabling players to govern and build a community in the shark metaverse.

What Is Starsharks? Features, Tokenomics and Roadmap


What Is Starsharks?

With the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as its foundation, Starsharks is an NFT-GameFi ecosystem that has been developed by players, governance committees and game developers. While the project integrates a range of games, including Starsharks Warriors, its larger purpose is to onboard players on to the shark metaverse, all while using the same character: a shark. Along with breaking down barriers between games, the project also attempts at encouraging a community culture, empowering players to come together, build and govern the metaverse. 
The official website of Starsharks came into the scene in October 2021, along with the provisions for the Binance Secret Box-NFT presale and IDO, and community-building rewards. At the core of the project’s shark metaverse is the SEA-SSS dual token economic model. It works as an underlying asset, leveraging the resource outputs of various game types. The project also follows the highly popular play-to-earn model, pioneered by games like Axie Infinity. Unlike many other games, the shark metaverse community depends on every player working together to help build the metaverse’s ecology and culture.
In November 2021, Starsharks will release the first PVP/PVE battle game. Expectedly, the game will have sharks as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at its core. In November, the project will also introduce the NFT marketplace rental and referral system.

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Who are the Founders of Starsharks?

The Starsharks team comprises four core members: Franky (Chief Executive Officer), Turi (Co-Founder & Producer), Kevin (Co-Founder & CTO) and Vanessa (Co-Founder & CMO). The team is highly regarded and hailed from Timi Studio, Google and Binance. 

What Makes Starsharks Unique?

The gaming industry size is phenomenally large worldwide. What tops that is the astounding growth rate that it will witness in years to come. According to market research estimates, the gaming market will become more than USD398 billion by 2026, from a little more than USD192 billion in 2019. The compounded annual growth, as projected, stands at 11% between 2021 and 2026.
It is in this exceptionally widespread, and high-growth, industry that Starsharks attempts to tackle. It has an aim that is uncommon: Starsharks founders believe that despite the monetary investment, players hardly see a return. Community is not given much value in the industry, the founders feel. Hence, Starsharks likes to see itself as a pioneering contributor in the Content-Fi world that will offer a sustainable way to incentivize community creativity and give value back to the community.

The majority of revenue generated by Starsharks will go back to the community, incentivizing creative growth ideas for the Starsharks ecosystem and community. To carry out its vision, the Starsharks project has relied upon a dual-token economy.

Starsharks Tokenomics — Dual Token Economy

The  dual-token economy of Starsharks consists of SSS and SEA. SSS is the governance token. It helps stakeholders exercise their rights to share in the value of the Starsharks metaverse IP via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model. The SEA is the game or utility token, helping players to enjoy and build their metaverse experience.
The platform has decided to issue 100 million SEA tokens. A player must have three sharks to play a game, and it can be obtained by purchasing blind boxes using SEA tokens on the official marketplace. SEA tokens that the platform receives from user purchases are burned. Players can also spend SEA tokens to raise their sharks. The platform has plans to bring in a BNB-SEA trading pair on PancakeSwap that will help maintain the token liquidity.
The governance token SSS will also have an issued volume of 100 million. 5% of these tokens will go towards angel financing, while 7% of the total supply will go towards the private round. 3% has been earmarked for the IDO, 15% for the team, 1% for the liquidity pool and 3% for the marketing fund. Almost two-thirds of the governance token supply, 61% to be precise, is allocated to fulfil the needs of the collect-to-earn model. For the entire allocation to come into circulation, it will take ten years. This allocation is also known as the initial incentive pool.

Starsharks Project Features

Starsharks Metaverse 1.0

The Starsharks metaverse 1.0 comprises the game Starsharks Warriors. It is a combat game that has a set of specific rules and skill mechanisms. The components of the game include Shark body parts, genes, species, skills card and attributes. The skills cards that players obtain during battles are random. The Starsharks Warriors is a turn-based game; all players begins with six skill cards. Using skills cards cost energy points and you can play the game in three modes: adventure mode, PvE battle and PVP battle. 

When it comes to the earning potential of the game, it has multiple layers. You can win SEA tokens as rewards by completing daily quests. The winners of PvP or PvE battles also win these rewards. Finally, each player of the game gets SSS earnings based on PvP performance each season, which lasts for a month. Players who rank the top 500 become eligible to win rewards.

Starsharks Metaverse 2.0

This metaverse will comprise four games: Shark Raising Simulation, Starsharks Land, Shark Racing and Starsharks Card. We will have a brief overview of each of these segments.

Shark Raising Simulation

A shark breeding simulation game, where players leverage basic raising equipment to change Sharks’ genes and reduce their cooling-off period. It has an advanced stage where you can spend your SSS tokens to buy prop NFTs and SEA tokens to buy consumables. The NFT props include incubators and training fields, while consumables imply potions.

Starsharks Land

The Starsharks Land is a land of challenges. The gamers have to improve the land to enhance sharks’ abilities and guard them against a potential invasion from foreign species. The game gains are multiple, including SEA tokens, which players can produce in certain buildings and individualized land as NFTs.

Shark Racing

Here, Shark NFTs can participate in all games on the platform. The higher the quality of the basic attributes of the sharks, the greater their advantage in racing. As far as the gains for the players are concerned, they can win seasonal SSS awards by ranking high on the list. Players can also win rare cards. 

StarSharks Card

In this turn-based strategy card game, the higher-ranked players stand to win SSS tokens as rewards. You can also win exclusive and rare skins, shaping the players’ image in the community. The game is primarily about players collecting different cards to form a set for battle. As a player, you can acquire cards through land, racing, or trading with other players on the marketplace. 

Giving Back to the Community: $20,000 Airdrop

As indicated earlier, Starsharks believes in giving back to the community. It has already started with its $20,000 giveaway on CoinMarketCap, where Starsharks will be giving away $20,000 worth of SSS to 1000 winners. The event has been scheduled for the period between Oct. 13, 2021 to Oct. 26, 2021. The prizes will reach the participants two weeks after the end of the event based on the market price on the day of the reward.
To gain free SSS tokens, you will need to complete the following list of tasks here.

StarSharks Future Roadmap

The roadmap of Starsharks is well laid out. In January 2022, Starsharks will set up an official support fund for the gold trading unions in Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions. In March 2022, it will begin the PVP system the season will also launch in the same month. In June 2022, the second shark development game will launch. It will be complemented by a newly launched shark breeding system. In September 2022, Starsharks will launch its third game, Starsharks Land. The game will allow players to purchase resources and build on their lands.

The fourth game will appear in December 2022. It will be modeled after the parkour racing theme. As elaborated earlier, it will allow players to have sharks participating in competitions. Finally, the fifth game will make an appearance in March 2023, the game themed around trading cards. Players will play this game by staking their SSS governance tokens or NFT cards. These cards will generate from home and racing games.

The progress of Starsharks would expectedly rely on four crucial assets: the game NFTs, the community-driven games, NFT markets with built-in rental systems, and the community-governed revenue pool. The current trends in the NFT and play-to-earn space suggest that it will continue to define the role they could play in developing a sustainable ecosystem. It will make the presence and importance of the community stronger in the current world of GameFi.

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