Weekly Wrap: Upcoming NFT Sales to Watch This Week [Sept. 27, 2021]
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Weekly Wrap: Upcoming NFT Sales to Watch This Week [Sept. 27, 2021]

In this weekly roundup, CoinMarketCap takes a look at some upcoming NFTs dropping this week that NFT collectors can mint.

Weekly Wrap: Upcoming NFT Sales to Watch This Week [Sept. 27, 2021]

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The non-fungible token (NFT) market is currently booming, with investors splashing significant amounts on digital art. Creators have continued to sustain the industry’s momentum, churning out new NFTs virtually every day. Here’s a rundown of some upcoming NFTs dropping this week that are worth keeping an eye on.
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Monday, Sept. 27

Crypto Martians Club

  • Price: 1 SOL 
  • No. of tokens: 7,000
Aliens have finally hopped on earth’s NFT train. The Crypto Martian Club will be debuting 7,000 unique alien NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Each Martian is born with 5 traits and with a different rarity – common, rare, or super rare.

The unique attributes of each NFT vary from headwear to eyewear, skin, spaceship, glass, and background.

Caring Creatures

  • Price: 0.07 ETH 
  • No. of tokens: 9,999
Caring Creatures is a collection of 9999 randomly generated NFTs of different rarity. According to the project’s team, every creature will be unique, each having a different set of traits and rarity. The NFTs are birthed synthetically with 143 attributes.

“The Caring Creatures collection is intended to power a longer-term, community-driven, art and collectibles project. They are the visual representation of beings from a visionary state of consciousness, and they have a mission.”

In addition to being the owner of a rather spooky-looking NFT, buyers will be indirectly providing clean water to 24,000 people for 20 years. Similarly, after all the 9,999 creatures are minted, the project intends to plant 100k trees to protect rainforests and support related courses.

As for the benefits of holding a creating creature NFT, token holders will be able to vote on key community decisions and charity spending, access members-only merch, gain early access to all future NFT drops and stage 2 of the project, enjoy 2% of monthly secondary sales, and stand a chance to win ETH in raffles.

Tuesday, Sept. 28

Paladin Pandas

  • Price: 0.03 ETH 
  • No. of tokens: 10,000
Talk about owning an NFT that gives you access to a unique gaming experience. Paladin Pandas is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn panda characters that grant token holders the chance to fight in “Space Expedition.”

Space Expedition is a rouge-like play-to-earn game where participants go on a random map to fight evil invaders. Players will receive lottery tickets to win NFTs after completing a level. 

The panda characters are programmatically generated from over 150 traits across 9 categories. There are six categories to choose from, namely Main Tank, Commando, Sniper, Engineer, Medic, and CyberBard. The characters are stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-1155 tokens.

It is worth mentioning that 709 out of the 10,000 Paladin Pandas will be withheld and distributed to Genesis Holders. Another 91 will be reserved for community events and the team, while 200 tokens will be withheld for game prizes.


  • Price: 0.03 ETH 
  • No. of tokens: 2,500
CryptoHoots mimics the famous CryptoPunks pixelated pattern. There are 2,500 “rowdy crowds of steampunk” Hoots living in an alternate timeline in the metaverse where steam-powered machinery rules.

Each owl has up to 12 unique traits and to spice things up, users can collect a plethora of steampunk attire to form the rarest combinations. As for the birds, there are four primary breeds, rare mechanical Hootoids, and even undead, featherless hoots.

Wednesday, Sept. 29

The Cryminals

  • Price: 0.05 ETH 
  • No. of tokens: 10,000

The team behind this NFT has this rather novel idea of making art a “common heritage again.” The main hero is known as Spike and there are 10,000 versions of this character, each with a different design.

The Cryminals will steal over $250,000 worth of NFTs and they're sharing the loot!

Owning a Cryminal NFT grants you access to the gang.


  • Price: 0.05 ETH 
  • No. of tokens: 6,666
O.R.A.C.L.E. claims to be the first NFT predictions that debuted on the Ethereum blockchain. It is an acronym for “First Original Readings And Crypto Lottery ERC-721 NFTs.”

Priced at 0.05 Ether per NFT, there are 6,666 available tokens in eight categories. The rarest NFT is in the crypto category, with just 1% of the entire collection. Other categories include Job (23%), Signs (15%), Family (15%), MMXXI (10%), Success (10%), and Investments (3%). This is in addition to super rare cards like the Joker Cards.

Users essentially attempt to find 6,666 answers about their future. According to the team, “every Prediction is personal and minted depending on your ETH address. Every 7 days all minted predictions are getting changed - your future is a motion, and can’t stay still.”

Universe in a Cube

  • Price: 0.09 ETH per pack 
  • No. of tokens: 10,000
Universe in a Cube is an NFT collectible game quest around space travel, exploration, and discovery. Players collect cubes and go on a journey “to discover its grand mystery and save humanity on the side.” Owning a cube is like owning a piece of the universe in the gameplay. It is also a unique NFT token and the main asset that will allow players to participate in various game mechanics such as building routes, earning rewards, and crafting new cubes. In total, there are 25,000 cubes.

Thursday, Sept. 30

Yakuza Cats Society

  • Price: 0.0893 ETH 
  • No. of tokens: 8,930
Yakuza Cats follows the story of two warring factions battling to control all of Japan. There are two syndicates in Yakuza Cats Society – YaMEOWguchi-gumi and SuMEOWshi-kai, with both factions struggling to dominate. There are 8930 randomly generated Yakuza cats.

Token holders can also join the gameplay by staking their Yakuza Cat NFTs. Stakers will receive 100 DAMA tokens daily per Yakuza cat for the first 30 days.


  • Price: 0.05 ETH 
  • No. of tokens: 10,000
On September 30, 10,000 1st generation Alienoids will be landing on earth, with the sole aim of taking over the planet. 

An interesting twist to the Alienoids project is that one lucky user will be able to buy the 10,001th NFT, which represents the Supreme Alienoid Leader. This unique NFT can be traded in for the price of 1 Bitcoin.

Saturday, Oct. 2

Undead Pixel Monks

  • Price: 0.01 ETH 
  • No. of tokens: 300
This NFT project has one of the lowest numbers of minted tokens. Standing at just 300 tokens, Undead Pixel Monks have been “cursed to live forever on the blockchain as NFTs!”

There are three generations of UPM NFTs. The third generation is scheduled to be released on October 2, 2021, at 11 a.m. ET.

The project is currently working on two games where the NFTs can be used. The first is the Undead Pixel Monks Adventure, a single-player action-adventure game scheduled for release in Q2 of 2022. There is also Undead Pixel Monks Dojo, a blockchain NFT fighting game.

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