CoinMarketRecap Podcast: Listen to This Week's Crypto News!
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CoinMarketRecap Podcast: Listen to This Week's Crypto News!

2 years ago

It's an El Salvador special! So... was adopting Bitcoin as legal tender a good or a bad idea?

CoinMarketRecap Podcast: Listen to This Week's Crypto News!

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Research continually shows that consumers find cryptocurrencies difficult to understand — and we're determined to change that.

This week’s show is an El Salvador special. 

As the country became the first in the world to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender, the crypto community was in a celebratory mood. But the rollout was tainted by technical difficulties and protests… and overshadowed by one of the worst market crashes of 2021 so far.

Crypto enthusiast Alexandra Dumitru will join us from El Salvador to explain the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead — and tell us whether the government’s newly launched Bitcoin wallet is up to the job.

Crypto journalist and author David Gerard, who is critical of President Nayib Bukele’s move, explains why he thinks the Bitcoin Law is bad for the country.

Molly Jane Zuckerman is here with a roundup of this week’s crypto headlines.

Blockchain engineer David Mihal joins us to explain why more than $800 million worth of Ether has been burned.

And a year after R&B star Akon laid the first ceremonial stone of his ambitious crypto-powered city, West Africa journalist Emmet Livingstone gives us an update on how the project is going.

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