What Is Kodi (KODI)? Features, Tokenomics and Price Prediction

What Is Kodi (KODI)? Features, Tokenomics and Price Prediction

2 года назад

CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into Kodi (KODI), a crypto-based entertainment network and a marketing agency that aims to benefit all $KODI holders using multiple incentive mechanisms.

What Is Kodi (KODI)? Features, Tokenomics and Price Prediction


Kodi (KODI) claims to be the world's first crypto-based entertainment network that provides an engaging platform for users who are interested in growing in the crypto space. The Kodi project has a clear marketing vision that is fulfilled through its partner marketing agency, known as ‘PITCH’, which plans to help crypto projects to satisfy their marketing needs.

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How Does Kodi (KODI) Work?

The KODI coin integrates traditional reflections with the usefulness of their marketing agency, known as ‘PITCH’. The KODI token provides its holders with a great way to generate passive income in the form of extra $KODI tokens.

The income generated through PITCH directly contributes to the growth of the Kodi token. Also, the community of Kodi (KODI) is directly involved in every major decision of the team. The team offers a transparency model through which the project will become a one-stop hub for crypto investors to socialize and interact with promising crypto projects.

Mission and Vision of Kodi (KODI)

Kodi aims to create a hub for all crypto investors to learn, socialize, and get exposure to exciting crypto projects. Its mission is to provide engagement and a safer economic environment through its advertisement agency where investors can work with the Kodi network in a growing environment.

The Team Behind Kodi (KODI)

The team of Kodi (KODI) has a diverse set of people working together to provide genuine value to the token holders. While the names of the team members are not mentioned in the official whitepaper of the project, it is mentioned that their team’s expertise lies in the fields of advertising, finance, graphic arts, animations, voice acting, and global business affairs.

After being lost in the world of crypto for some time with some failures under their belt, these like-minded individuals decided to start their own venture i.e. Kodi - a project built on a comprehensive commitment to its success and long-term viability.

Kodi (KODI) Roadmap

The team is moving pretty fast. It has already completed phase 1 and almost phase 2 which includes the development of its website, social media platforms, listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, launching its Merch, NFT's, and Pitch Agency. In Phase 3, the project plans to expand its development team, create its radio app, start charities, and get Kodi listed on multiple crypto exchanges, among other things.

For an updated roadmap, you can visit their website here.

Unique Features of Kodi (KODI)

Low Fee

The fee for buying Kodi through Flooz is 0.5% for card transactions plus the normal Kodi taxes.

Earn BNB

In addition to getting BNB rewards for holding at least five million Kodi tokens, the token holders will also receive 0.1% BNB for a lifetime by referring the project to their friends.

Global Availability

Kodi is available globally and you can buy it in over 180+ countries.

Marketing Agency Revenue

The marketing agency named 'Pitch' is a subsidiary company of Kodi that will help other crypto projects with their audits, wallet analysis, establishing marketing connections, and so on. The revenue earned by Pitch will be distributed to the Kodi project. 33% will be sent to the Kodi marketing wallet, while 66% will be utilized to buy the KODI tokens that will be airdropped to every KODI token holder.


The Kodi token is available on multiple exchanges, and it can be swapped with Ethereum, Matic, BNB, and Fantom, through the FibSwap DEX.

Kodi Roar

Kodi Roar is a unique feature in which the buy tax is cut to 1% for one hour and the selling tax is raised to 25%. This feature will be applied at random times regularly. The sales tax will decline by 7% every hour after the hour is finished, till it hits the minimum level of 12%.

As highlighted in the official whitepaper of Kodi (KODI), the Kodi Roar tokenomics are as follows:

Buy Tax 1%

1% tax will be distributed to the Liquidity Pool

Sell tax 25%

  • 8% BNB rewards pool
  • 5% marketing and development wallet
  • 5% buyback wallet
  • 5% liquidity pool
  • 2% salary wallet

1st Hour After Kodi Roar

  • 5% BNB rewards pool
  • 4% marketing and development wallet
  • 4% buyback wallet
  • 4% liquidity pool
  • 1% salary wallet

2nd Hour After Kodi Roar

  • Sell tax 12% (baseline)

3rd Hour After Kodi Roar

  • Returned to normal 12% sell tax

Anti-Dump Protection

According to its anti-dump policy, no Kodi holder can sell more than 0.2% of the total supply of Kodi in a single transaction. This will keep the price of the token stable.

Kodi (KODI) Tokenomics

As mentioned in Kodi’s official whitepaper, The KODI token contract has a static rewards system where 11% of every transaction is divided into:
  • 3% in BNB rewards
  • 3% marketing and development tax will be sent in BNB to the marketing wallet
  • 2% buyback tax will be sent in BNB to buyback wallet
  • 2% salary tax as an incentive for developers
  • 1% BNB is redistributed to the liquidity pool
  • 1% additional tax will be imposed on every sell which will be added to the liquidity pool

Currently, the maximum supply of the KODI token is 100,000,000,000 and the self-reported circulating supply is 93.72 billion KODI.

How to Buy Kodi (KODI)?

There are many ways to buy Kodi (KODI), thanks to its multi-chain functionality, as explained above. However, the official (if not the best) way to buy KODI tokens is from their official website.

All you have to do is to connect your wallet, add the currency you want to buy KODI with, and swap the tokens.

Kodi (KODI) Price

Kodi (KODI) is now trading at around $0.0002911, as of Nov. 29, 2021. Its 24-hour trading volume on exchanges is around $195,978.73.

Kodi (KODI) Price Prediction and Future Outlook

A first look at Kodi (KODI) token’s website gives you a feeling of ‘something big’ and ‘vibrant’. After all, Kodi has an efficient marketing agency. The UX & UI designs of the Kodi website alone are a source of attraction for investors and crypto enthusiasts. In the crypto world, marketing is everything. There are many good projects out there, but they don’t get much investment due to their lack of marketing skills. Kodi, however, isn’t lacking in this aspect as their website catches attraction in the first few seconds and allures you to dig deeper and learn more about the project.

Adding on to the marketing perspective, it must be stated that the ‘Pitch’ marketing agency will directly help other crypto projects fulfill their advertisement needs. All the revenue gained by the Pitch agency will be used to benefit KODI token holders, as mentioned above. This is great news for all KODI holders who can expect the all-time high of the KODI token which stands at $0.0006373 to be broken very soon.

The marketing genius of Kodi’s team doesn’t end here. They are hosting giveaways with real-value gifts, including a PS5, XBOX Series S, and most of all, a Tesla Model 3. These marketing tactics are a great way to lure new crypto investors to buy the Kodi token.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s BNB coin is holding strong in the $50-$600 range, and it provides a huge incentive for holders to hold at least 5 million KODI tokens. If BNB continues to make higher highs in the coming weeks, the price of Kodi will continue to increase.

2021 has all been about NFTs. NFT games like Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, CryptoBlades, and many others have seen a massive increase in popularity. Axie Infinity alone has over 2 million daily active users with billions of sales in 2021 and $152 million in Series B funding. The Kodi NFTs can take full advantage of this wide craze of NFTs and increase their project popularity to the moon.

The recent price action of the Kodi (KODI) token shows a downward trend, however, that is probably due to the sudden BTC drop from the $60k range. At the moment, the crypto market seems to be recovering as Bitcoin is making a move to $60,000 once again. Plus considering the fact that the KODI token touched its all-time high earlier this month, chances of it getting back there to break the resistance are high. Overall, the verdict on Kodi (KODI) is a buy, for now, however, it is advised to DYOR and consult the crypto experts before investing in any token.

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